Slow Menu


Cumquat Infused Moscow Mule

Duck Rillettes
Rosemary Rosted Grapes with Parmesan
Pickled Beets with Aged Cheddar
Granny Smith Jelly with Goat Milk Camenbert
Gin Marinated Olives

French Onion Soup

Daube Provencal (Beef Cheek or Tofu)
Broccoli with Butter, Almonds & Lemon
Creamed Potato

White Chocolate Cheesecake with Campagne Poached Strawberries & Granita


Slow dinner announced

The main ingredient in every dish on this menu is time. Whether it is the 4 hours cooking and the 2 days marinating the daube of beef, or the three weeks our Cumquat Vodka will be infusing for the nights cocktail, or the cheese-maker taking up to 24 months to mature the aged cheddar, it’s all about taking it slow.

Saturday July 20th is the night, starting at 5pm so we can all enjoy the beautiful view at our Currumbin Valley location. Just you wait to see the surrounding and hear the history of the home we will be dining in, outstanding.

Now down to business for just $40 you get four courses plus tea or coffee and the fun of attending a Goldtoast dinner. Plus you get the complementary cocktail. Come on, you have to admit, that’s a winner!


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