MENU // Tahne’s Japanese Hens Dinner

Edamame // Steamed & salted soy beans
Renkon // Fried lotus root
Tsukune // Chicken meatballs in yakitori sauce
Gyoza // Pork & Ginger pot-sticker dumplings
Tempura makizushi // sweet potato sushi
Hiyayakko // Cold dressed tofu
Rafute // Okinawan braised Pork Belly
Sunomono // Cucumber & wakame salad
Oshizushihako // Smoked salmon, wasabi & avocado on rice
Tempura // Popcorn prawns in a lemon dressing
Gyu maki // Miso-cured beef sushi roll
Udon // Broth with noodles & vegetables
Matcha Tarts // Green tea & chocolate tarts

a fingerfood feast!

it was my birthday last week. as usual i cooked up a storm. this year however i seemed to have brought some extremely heavy rain along with my kitchen storm that, i must admit, i thoroughly enjoyed. i can’t remember the last time it rained on my birthday and oh boy do i love the rain.
another love of mine, menu planning! after much contemplation, i decided on just fingerfood because really, what is better than cheese for dinner?!

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