COMPLEMENTARY COCKTAIL Guava Sangria SWEET TREATS Buñuelos con Cajeta // Sweet fritters with Caramel made with goats milk served with grilled piña! Empanadas // Sweet Hand Pies filled with apricot jalapeño jam and cream cheese Conchas // Sweet Bread Marranitos or "little pigs" // Lightly spiced pig-shaped cookies Tres Leches // Three milk cake topped with coconut and fresh fruit SAVOURY TREATS Molletes // Toasted bread roll topped with black beans, cheese and picca de gallo Breakfast Taco // Corn tortilla with scrambled egg, potato and fried chorizo Molotes // Oaxacan masa empanada filled with pork pibil and pickled onion Chilaquiles // Tortillas cooked in salsa verde and topped with queso fresco Tamales // Steamed masa parcels filled with chicken tinga DRINKS Agua Fresca de Pepino // Cucumber water with lime Champurrado // Hot Chocolate thickened with masa Continue reading MENU // Mexi-Brunch