PIE PARTY LUNCH MENU SAVOURY PIES Chicken, Grape & Champagne pot pie Lamb & Ale pot pie Indian Potato pie Scandanavian Mushroom pie Spanakopita Sardinian Honey & Cheese pie SIDES & CONDIMENTS Pickled Corn Relish Tomato & Onion Relish Homemade Ketchup Cumquat Atchar Kewpie Slaw Broccoli Salad Smashed Peas SWEET PIES Key Lime pie Cherry pie Crack pie Rhubarb & Raspberry pie pops Cumquat Shaker pie Pear & Blackberry Crostata Lemon Meringue pie BEVERAGES Strawberry Cream Pie Iced Tea Almond Milk Iced Coffee *Subject to change without notice.
BREAKFAST FOR DINNER MENU COMPLEMENTARY COCKTAIL COFFEE / Espresso Martini with homemade kahlua HORS D’OEUVRES TOASTRicotta & Honey Bruchetta with basil & lemon HARD BOILED EGGS / Crab Rangoon Deviled Eggs HASHBROWN / Potato Rostis with Avocado Salsa SEATED COURSES PANCAKES / Buckwheat Blinis with Smoked Salmon, beetroot and horseradish creme EGGS BENEDICT / Asparagus & quail egg salad with lime coriander hollandaise BACON & EGGS / Gruyere Souffle with sauteed Brussels sprouts, kale & bacon WAFFLES / Slow-Cooked Chilli Beef & Cornbread Waffles CORNFLAKES / Cereal Milk Panna Cotta FRUIT & MUESLI / Poached Pear & cashew cream with fruit & nut crumble Continue reading MENU // Breakfast for Dinner
BOOZY BRUNCH MENU Savoury Treats Beetroot & Potato Rostis with gin-cured salmon Fetta, Zucchini & Roast Tomato muffins Baked Green Eggs & Ham Sweet Treats Rum & Raisin cinnamon scrolls Fuzzy Navel Eclairs Seasonal Fruit Salad with yoghurt Strawberries in Sherry & Vanilla Cream Pear & Maple tea cake Drinks Complementary glass of Prosecco with elderflower Iced Tea Cold Brewed Latte or Long Black on ice. Continue reading MENU // Boozy Brunch
SPRING FLING MENU Complementary Cocktail Rosewater Fizz HORS D'OEUVRES Mast'o khiar with Floral Lavosh / a Persian dip of yoghurt & cucumber flavoured with raisins & rose petals! Floral lavosh / my favourite cracker made with dried marigold petals Stuffed nasturtiums / nasturtiums with a filling of homemade ricotta, lemon zest & fresh tomato Bhaji Blossoms / chive flowers & nasturtiums fried in a chickpea batter Salmon Rostis / potato rostis topped with smoked salmon, creme fraiche, dill & marigold petals SEATED COURSES SWEET ALYSSUM / Polenta, Mascarpone & Honeycomb. DIANTHUS / Fish Bonne Femme. LAVENDER /  Lavender Goat Cheese Salad. VIOLET / Pork Neck & Asparagus with Violets & Malt. ORANGE BLOSSOM / Orange Tart with dehydrated orange wheel & candied orange blossom. SNOW WHITE'S GARDEN / Snow White tea from Tea Potion paired with an Apple Macaron.
COLONIAL AUSTRALIA MENU Complementary Ale or Cocktail 'Black Hops' Colonial  Pale Ale - brewed by Black Hops Brewers just for us! Wild Raspberry Vinegar Refresher Shared Platter Cloth Matured Cheddar Huntsman Cheese - Double Gloucester & Stilton Salt beef Pickled Onions Mountain Pepperberry Water Crackers Bush Tomato Lavosh Entree Wild Duck & Mushroom Broth Main Jarred Wallaby Pease Pudding New Potatoes with Speck, Botany Bay Spinach & Greens Damper cooked on coals Macadamia, Native Thyme & Fetta Damper Hand Churned Butter Dessert Mrs Beetons Tipsy Cake & Lime Leaf Custard Tea Bushfire Breakfast Tea -  from T-licious, Southbank & Online served with watered milk & sugarloaf
INDIAN MASALA MENU Complementary Cocktail Champagne Lassi Shared Platter Beetroot Raita - yoghurt based dip with shredded beetroot Chana Dal dip - a spiced lentil dip Hari Chutney with Cumin Pappadums - coriander based dip Vazhakkai Chips - banana fried in coconut oil Entree Onion Bhajis with mint & yoghurt chutney - spiced chickpea & onion fritter Papri Chaat - pastry topped with potato, chickpea, hari chutney & tamarind chutney Blackened Paneer- homemade paneer coated in spiced & nigella seeds the grilled to blacken served with a tomato salsa
Main Gosht Shorba - a unique goat curry served with rice & naan Malai Kofta - cheese koftas in a rich sauce Aloo Ghobi - cauliflower in yoghurt
Dessert Kesar Kulfi - an indian saffron ice cream made from evaporating milk Gajar Halwa - carrot sweetened & slow cooked in milk
Masala Chai - traditional spiced tea made with soy milk
NEW ENGLAND CLAM BAKE MENU Complementary Cocktail Star Spangled Spritzer Hors d'oeuvres Salmon & wasabi sliders Oysters with beetroot & black pepper granita Crab cakes with zesty avocado Clam Bake Shellfish cooked and served in a beautiful broth with chorizo, corn & new potatoes. Dessert Raspberry & coconut angel food cake   *subject to change without notice


Savoury Treats
potato rostis with smoked salmon & marigold petals
zucchini & basil flower muffins
ricotta & lemon myrtle stuffed pumpkin flowers
eggs florentine with nasturtiums

Sweet Treats
wild hibiscus (rosella) pinwheel danishes
elderflower & apricot spandau danishes
profiteroles filled with lavender crème pâtissière
rose petal, peach, strawberry & poached black plums with a rosewater syrup
fresh figs with honey yoghurt & alyssum flowers
orange blossom & citrus victoria sponge

elderflower champagne
jasmine blossom & orange iced tea
chamomile flower & honey iced tea
arctic fire tea (mint & cornflower)

A LADIES BRUNCH MENU SAVOURY TREATS eggs florentine hashbrowns polenta semi-dried tomato basil and cheese mini muffins SWEET TREATS blackberry pinwheels danishes apricot spandau danishes chocolate eclairs melon salad with honey yoghurt passionfruit yoghurt strawberries in orange glaze orange and almond victoria sponge DRINKS spiced apple juice moroccan spiced coffee with rosewater cream pots of tea