An afternoon with Mabel

So there is so many wonderful things popping up in Palm Beach but let me tell you about one of my favourites. Let me tell you about green paths & red leaves, handmade spoons & wire baskets, fancy cheese & fancy salami, beds with built in side tables & bicycles hanging on walls. Let me tell you about 1061 Gold Coast Highway.

Mabel's, Small Stall and Little Loren Pop Up. Photos by Goldtoast Supper Club. We are in the Crave Gold Coast Directory, look us up in events (12)

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Caffeinated Gold Coast: Loren

It is so hard to find a decent pie on the Gold Coast. I’ve been craving one for weeks so when I saw Chicken and Leek Pies on the specials board at Loren I was instantly won over. Served up with the three salads of the day including a Quinoa Salad and a European Slaw, it made for a special meal. The pie was to die for, crispy pastry filled with tender chicken and soft leek. A Gold Coast Pie not to be missed!

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