Izakaya Japanese

IZAKAYA MENU COMPLEMENTARY COCKTAIL Umeshu Cooler // Umeshu (plum wine) is a Japanese liqueur that is made from unripe Ume fruit that is steeped in Shochu and sugar. OTSUMAME // DRINKING FOOD Eggplant & Miso dip Senbai // Rice crackers Edamame // Charred soy beans with black bean & orange Tsukune // Chicken meatballs in yakitori sauce IPPON // A DISH, A COURSE, A GEM, AN ARTICLE OF BEAUTY Rafute // Okinawan braised Pork Belly Onigiri // Tuna filled rice balls Gyoza // Two types of pot-sticker dumplings - vegetable and chicken Chūna Takaki // Seared tuna Gyu Nigiri // Hand-pressed sesame rice topped with Miso-cured beef Tempura // Popcorn prawns in a lemon dressing Sunomono // Cucumber & wakame salad Hiyayakko // Cold dressed tofu Udon // Broth with noodles & vegetables DEZĀTO // DESSERT Imo yokan // sweet potato jelly Nashi // Japanese pear poached in sake with lemon sorbet sauce and matcha cookie crumbs Sencha // Japanese Green tea