MENU // Indian Masala


Complementary Cocktail
Champagne Lassi

Shared Platter
Beetroot Raita – yoghurt based dip with shredded beetroot
Chana Dal dip – a spiced lentil dip
Hari Chutney
with Cumin Pappadums – coriander based dip
Vazhakkai Chips – banana fried in coconut oil

Onion Bhajis with mint & yoghurt chutney – spiced chickpea & onion fritter
Papri Chaat – pastry topped with potato, chickpea, hari chutney & tamarind chutney
Blackened Paneer- homemade paneer coated in spiced & nigella seeds the grilled to blacken served with a tomato salsa

Gosht Shorba – a unique goat curry served with rice & naan
Malai Kofta – cheese koftas in a rich sauce
Aloo Ghobi – cauliflower in yoghurt
Kesar Kulfi – an indian saffron ice cream made from evaporating milk
Gajar Halwa – carrot sweetened & slow cooked in milk


Masala Chai – traditional spiced tea made with soy milk

Event Announcement: Indian Masala Supper Club


My sister, and our waitress, recently spent her 21st birthday in India. While away her Instagram was flooded with pictures of colourful jewellery, gorgeous children, market stalls and beautiful beaches (sometimes with a a scattering of cows). Since returning I have heard stories about the perfect masala chai, her discovery of paneer, the endless variations on her favourite butter chicken and we’ve picnicked on the tapestries she brought home with her. Now winter is coming to an end I figured this was the perfect time to dine on warm curries and sip on spicy tea. So come and join us, it’s going to be delicious!
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