Caffeinated Gold Coast: Three Figs

We just enjoyed a little lunchtime visit to Three Figs which is located in The EcoVillage out Currumbin Valley. Not far out, just past the Duck Pond. I had no idea this little spot existed, there’s not much signage on Currumbin Creek Road to inform a passerby. I heard about it via Good Food Gold Coast and thought we’d give it a try.


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Caffeinated Gold Coast: Alfred’s Diner

After a huge op shopping day with Sally, our last stop is to try out Alfred’s Diner that opened over the weekend. We are in heaven. Who would have thought a shipping container could make such a striking backyard feature. Sally chats coffee, while i study the menu and finally after what seemed like half and hour I chose the Falafel Burrito. Now that was a delicious choice, and easily the best coffee I’ve had in a while. We sit down and admire the atmosphere, herbs & cacti scattered. A perfect ending to a pretty great day!


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Caffeinated Gold Coast: Canvas

It’s Christmas Day and there is just one thing Sally and I are worried about. Where do we get a coffee??! We decide to drive until we  find our best option and there it is, Canvas is open. Hallelujah.

We get takeaway and head to the beach. Sunshine and ocean views one way. A row of brightly coloured gazebos line the road the other way, with a giant inflatable Christmas tunnel and full size inflated santa. Now that’s how you say Merry Christmas.

Caffeinated Gold Coast: Splendlove, Ferry Road Markets

Jess and I have gone a little homewares crazy of late, more specifically Freedom mad! Starvation hit us so we made our way to Ferry Road Markets. We get ourselves a corner away from the crowds at Splendlove. Once we’re caffeinated we order lunch, before the hangry is takes over. Jess orders the Turkey & Brie Baguette and I chose the Rueben Jaffle. Too much food. The Rueben Jaffle arrives and it’s two whole toasties packed full of the usual suspects with plenty of pickle on the side. I get through only half of it and are told we can’t have a paper bag for the other half of the meal. I don’t understand this policy, I understand them not being about to pack it but not offering another solution angers me when food wastage is such a huge problem. By the time I return to the table, Jess had wrapped it in my napkin and stuck it in my bag. Hilarious. I love my friends.

Caffeinated Gold Coast: Wray’s Organic

Today Jess and I woke up starving. We get all prepared to go out for breakfast and then realise we don’t have a car. We really do rule. Luckily Wray’s Organic Cafe is walking distance, we rush down there and leap into the airconditioned glory. I order the cutest croissant I’ve ever seen and coffee with an extra shot on the advice of Sally, coffee connoisseur and Wray’s regular.

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