MENU // Pie Party!



Chicken, Grape & Champagne pot pie
Lamb & Ale pot pie
Indian Potato pie
Scandanavian Mushroom pie
Sardinian Honey & Cheese pie

Pickled Corn Relish
Tomato & Onion Relish
Homemade Ketchup
Cumquat Atchar
Kewpie Slaw
Broccoli Salad
Smashed Peas

Key Lime pie
Cherry pie
Crack pie
Rhubarb & Raspberry pie pops
Cumquat Shaker pie
Pear & Blackberry Crostata
Lemon Meringue pie

Strawberry Cream Pie Iced Tea
Almond Milk Iced Coffee
*Subject to change without notice.


Goldtoasts Pie Party

We love pies. Well, honestly, who doesn’t? It’s all about perfect pastry and delicious fillings, both sweet and savoury. Whether they are filled with slow cooked meats or packed full of cheese and veggies or oozing the juices of cooked berries, we just love them.
We’ll be serving up a party of pies – that’s the technical term of a group of pies right?

Unique pies, classic pies, little pies, big pies, pot pies, pie pops – definitely aPie Party. To accompany said pies there will be homemade sauces and smashed peas, obviously. Plus fresh salads, iced tea and iced coffee.

Basically this is an ALL THE PIE YOU CAN EAT sort of deal.
Come hang out, cut a slice and dig in.


Date: 12noon, Sunday 21 June 2015.
Location: South Gold Coast, after payment you will be emailed the exact location. .
Cost: $35 donation, all inclusive.
Can’t eat something?: There will be plenty of vegetarian pies on the menu so vegos please book in! Vegans we want your company, send us an email and we’ll make vegan pies too! If you have any other food intolerance/allergy please email us to check if we can accommodate your needs, some menus aren’t very flexible but we always try and make it possible for you to attend!
Book & Prepay: Please email us at to RSVP. Your booking will be finalised after payment is received via PayPal using the button below :)


Caffeinated Gold Coast: Loren

It is so hard to find a decent pie on the Gold Coast. I’ve been craving one for weeks so when I saw Chicken and Leek Pies on the specials board at Loren I was instantly won over. Served up with the three salads of the day including a Quinoa Salad and a European Slaw, it made for a special meal. The pie was to die for, crispy pastry filled with tender chicken and soft leek. A Gold Coast Pie not to be missed!

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