Chocolate Hazelnut Ice Cream


This months Kavey Eats Ice Cream Challenge is CONDENSED MILK! Now that’s exciting and brings back some delicious pre-ice cream machine owning dessert memories. First thought, one of the first ice creams i ever made, my Choc Hazelnut Ice Cream!  Just as it happens my friend Jasmine is coming over for dinner this week and she used to beg me to make it! She’s given up now and probably forgotten all about it. Time to refresh her memory. And maybe she can make it for herself now, she is quite the masterchef (of grilled cheese sandwiches).

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Lime & Pomegranate Ice Cream

recipe(1)I’ve owned an ice cream machine for a while now but always forget he exists, the poor bugger! In the last few days i some how stumbled across a fun little place Kavey Eats monthly ice cream competition Bloggers Scream For Ice Cream. How fun! This months theme is Fruit and My mind instantly jumped to Green Apple Sorbet, oh i have spent many an hour daydreaming about green apple sorbet! But for some reason i am still yet to make it, i guess there’s just you many delicious things to attempt. With only two days left to submit to the June round i sadly have to pass it up again and put my thinking cap on to decide the best frozen fruit treat i’ve ever concocted.
There’s been some yummy fruity  moments in my ice cream machines history. Some of the most memorable would have to be the kiwi sorbet that the family dogga Mya LOVED, vegan berry & cashew ice cream that cost me a fortune in cashews, and not to mention the killer batch of chocolate & cherry ice cream i whipped up one day for a lovely late lunch.
But the ultimate level of yum was Lime & Pomegranate Ice Cream and that’s what I’ve decided to share, so here’s my recipe and plenty of pictures!

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a fingerfood feast!

it was my birthday last week. as usual i cooked up a storm. this year however i seemed to have brought some extremely heavy rain along with my kitchen storm that, i must admit, i thoroughly enjoyed. i can’t remember the last time it rained on my birthday and oh boy do i love the rain.
another love of mine, menu planning! after much contemplation, i decided on just fingerfood because really, what is better than cheese for dinner?!

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