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SNEAK PEEK: Goldtoast Zine – Issue One

Goldtoast Zine:  Issue One The Beginning of a Tale Available from 28th January 2012 Buy a copy for only $5 with free postage worldwide!  Christopher McKenzie Rachael Michelle Elvissy CONTRIBUTORS Goldtoast Supper Club: Elvissy: Rachael Michelle: Christopher McKenzie (aka MAD): Natalie Maurer: Avalon D’Arcy: Daniela Sunde-Brown: Elle Lord: Bree Denman:  Jessica Mae Cale: Ruby May Dennis:

WOODLAND MENU Complementary Cocktail rosemary and lemon champagne cocktail Cheese Board coffee-honey-cheese baked camenbert goat's milk brie & candied peppered fruits Entree roast pumpkin soup with sauteed wild mushrooms Main slow cooked lamb shanks & cloud potatoes in a red wine jus roasted salad Dessert chocolate tart with lavender cream & figs tea and coffee