MENU // Easter Saturday Lunch

Torta Pasqualina // Italian Easter Pie made with spinach, ricotta and hard boiled eggs.
Šoldra // Silesian pork sausage roll with almond pastry
// Pickled Fish served with bread & butter, popular in Cape Town South Africa for Easter.
// Cream of Chervil Soup, a German traditional Easter dish.
Devilled Eggs

Green Bean Salad

Capirotada // Mexican spiced bread & butter pudding layered with cheese.
Hot cross buns // Chocolate cherry hot cross buns.
Kourabiethes // Greek Easter biscuit, a nutty shortbread.

Carrot Mimosa
// complementary bubbly Easter bunny friendly beverage
Mocha // Chocolate Coffee, whether this will be served hot or cold will depend on the weather :)
*subject to change without notice

EVENT // Easter Saturday Lunch


Easter dishes are often laden with tradition and symbolism but the important thing is that it’s all super delicious. This lunch will be an exploration of traditional Easter food from around the world; from the Italian Torta Pasqualina – Easter Pie filled with spinach ricotta and whole eggs to Mexico’s Capirotada – a spiced bread & butter pudding, soaked in piloncillo syrup and layered with raisins and cheese!

Book your seat today and we’ll see you for a tasty Easter lunch! :)
Date: 12noon, Saturday 26th March 2016
Location: Palm Beach area. Exact location only disclosed after payment.
Cost: $35 donation, all inclusive.
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 Can’t eat something?: If you have any other food intolerance/allergy please email us before paying to check if we can accommodate your needs, some menus aren’t very flexible but we always try and make it possible for you to attend!
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