Dude Food Menu

Complementary Cocktail
Vodka Bacon Cola

Mini Chicken Pies w/ Sauteed Mushrooms
Rosemary Sausage Rolls w/ Le Petite Pantry’s Homemade Relish
Chicken Wings with Gorgonzola sauce
Potato Skins

Braised Pork Rib Sloppy Joes w/ Kewpie Slaw & Onion Rings

Caramelised Stout Pannacotta w/ Chocolate Mousse & Cinnamon Crumbs


It’s Dude Food


The next dinner we are hosting is linked with the current exhibition being held in the gallery at the Kirra Hill Community and Culture Centre, Christopher McKenzies “Masculine Coma”. (If you don’t know the work of Chris, I suggest you get your butt up there one day this week and check it out!)

Now this dinner is all about DUDE FOOD. Dude food has always been a worrying concept to me but really what other cuisine could go with the phrase “Masculine Coma”? It was always going to have to be dude food. Now when I am unsure of something I will go all out. So obviously I am going all out.
Masterchef did dude food as a challenge this season with Tregan’s Braised Pork Rib Sloppy Joes winning the challenge. Watching the judges shoveling them down their gobs was a good enough confirmation of success for me, plus there’s plenty of Kewpie Mayo with it!
Dessert was an easy choice too. Three key element; Callum, beer and beautiful plating. Stout Panna Cotta with Chocolate Mousse & Cinnamon Crumbs. Dude!
I heard that Dan Hong of Ms G’s made Cheeseburger Springrolls at the food & wine show recently. What is the world coming too! I shook my head in disgust and simultaneously smiled at the idea of such a thing existing. The kitchen trials began and onto the menu they went.
Now I ran into a problem, the cocktail: how to make a cocktail manly? (or should i say dudeish?) The answer, add bacon. Important fact you should know about me, I am obsessed with Jelly. I was reading the Jellymongers, Bompas & Parr‘s, book (as I do on a weekly basis) and I discovered their Vodka Bacon Cola Jelly and the concept of “fat-washing” alcohol. I had heard of some bars creating Buttered Rums but hadn’t given it any real thought. So Obvioulsy, this is happening. Vodka Bacon Cola! Possibly the best or the worst thing that will ever happen to any of us.

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