PHOTOS // Colonial Australian secret supper

Shucks what a night this was. We were prepared for rain but had no expectation of a lightning storm right above our heads – it stuck so close chloe & lily got an electric shock from touching our marquee! Our gas cooked caught fire. We learnt I’m (Bree) a very bad thrower. We learnt that hail can be pretty painful. We learnt Black Hops Beer is really bloody good. We packed up and moved indoors and we conjured up that indomitable colonial stoic spirit and said she’ll be right, cobber!!!

Check out more photos on facebook and the full menu here.

MENU // Colonial Australia Supper Club


Complementary Ale or Cocktail
‘Black Hops’ Colonial  Pale Ale –
brewed by Black Hops Brewers just for us!
Wild Raspberry Vinegar Refresher

Shared Platter
Cloth Matured Cheddar
Huntsman Cheese – Double Gloucester & Stilton
Salt beef

Pickled Onions
Mountain Pepperberry Water Crackers
Bush Tomato Lavosh

Wild Duck & Mushroom Broth

Jarred Wallaby
Pease Pudding
New Potatoes with Speck, Botany Bay Spinach & Greens
Damper cooked on coals
Macadamia, Native Thyme & Fetta Damper
Hand Churned Butter

Mrs Beetons Tipsy Cake & Lime Leaf Custard

Bushfire Breakfast Tea –  from T-licious, Southbank & Online
served with watered milk & sugarloaf

EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT: Colonial Australia Supper Club

goldtoast COLONIAL AUSTRALIAN supper club

Have you ever wondered about the diet of the first fleet? Or how on earth you would eat an echidna? Or what Ned Kelly’s favourite meal was? We have!

Although the food of the colonists is often thought of as ‘plain’, it turns out the colonists experimented with a broad range of native, imported and exotic produce. Kangaroo was known as “bush mutton”. They added eucalyptus leave to their billy tea for extra flavour. Beer was the answer to water going bad on the long transport from England, even children drank it. Talk about Australian!

While we’ve got our noses stuck in journals articles about colonial gastronomy and newspapers published in the 1800s, you can book yourself a spot! Limited seats so get in quick! We’re looking forward to sharing the menu with you all and we will also be sharing some our favourite fun colonial facts and authentic recipes!

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