Colonial Australian

COLONIAL AUSTRALIA MENU Complementary Ale or Cocktail 'Black Hops' Colonial  Pale Ale - brewed by Black Hops Brewers just for us! Wild Raspberry Vinegar Refresher Shared Platter Cloth Matured Cheddar Huntsman Cheese - Double Gloucester & Stilton Salt beef Pickled Onions Mountain Pepperberry Water Crackers Bush Tomato Lavosh Entree Wild Duck & Mushroom Broth Main Jarred Wallaby Pease Pudding New Potatoes with Speck, Botany Bay Spinach & Greens Damper cooked on coals Macadamia, Native Thyme & Fetta Damper Hand Churned Butter Dessert Mrs Beetons Tipsy Cake & Lime Leaf Custard Tea Bushfire Breakfast Tea -  from T-licious, Southbank & Online served with watered milk & sugarloaf