DRINK ME  Complementary glass of Champagne QUEENS POTION //  Black tea blended with cornflowers, safflowers & strawberry from Tea Potion. ICED GREEN CATERPILLAR //  Green tea with apricot and peach from Tea Potion served on ice. EAT ME  WHITE RABBIT SALAD // Roast baby carrot with haloumi rabbits & herb salad FLAMINGOS ON THE CROQUET LAWN // Watermelon, cucumber & fetta salad THE CHESHIRE CAT & THE SHRINKING MUSHROOMS // Welsh rarebit made with Cheshire cheese topped with roast mushrooms. THE POCKETWATCH // Herb, Artichoke & Cheddar Charlotte HUMPTY DUMPTY FELL OFF THE WALL // Scrambled eggs MAD HATTERS MAD CUPCAKES // Savoury lime mini cupcakes topped with kewpie mayonnaise & lime cured smoked salmon QUEEN OF HEARTS TARTS // Strawberry jam tarts DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE // Doughnut holes with lemon curd MAD HATTERS TEA CAKES // Earl grey tea cakes with rosewater icing MARCH HARES CAKES // Carrot cake with burnt butter icing THE SMOKING CATERPILLAR // Thai smoked coconut custard topped with fresh fruit EAT ME TEA // Chai shortbread
BOOZY BRUNCH MENU Savoury Treats Beetroot & Potato Rostis with gin-cured salmon Fetta, Zucchini & Roast Tomato muffins Baked Green Eggs & Ham Sweet Treats Rum & Raisin cinnamon scrolls Fuzzy Navel Eclairs Seasonal Fruit Salad with yoghurt Strawberries in Sherry & Vanilla Cream Pear & Maple tea cake Drinks Complementary glass of Prosecco with elderflower Iced Tea Cold Brewed Latte or Long Black on ice. Continue reading MENU // Boozy Brunch
NEW YORK BRUNCH MENU Complementary Cocktail Boozy Big Apple Savoury Treats Lox Bagels Reuben Bread Brunch Dogs with Eggs over Easy Grilled Mortadella with Pickled Onions Waldorf salad Sweet Treats New York Cheesecake Key Lime Pie Cake Doughnuts Beverages Coffee & Tea *subject to change without notice