MENU // Modern French secret supper

Earl Grey French 75 // A twist on the classic champagne cocktail with Earl Grey infused gin & honey syrup

Duck & Pork Terrine
Chicken liver pâté cornettes
Jamon ser
Mon Perre Brie
paired with cornichons, dijon, garlic infused olive oil, crudités & olive baguette

la crème de truffe // Truffle infused custard
Jardin escargot // Snails baked in compounded butter served on parmesan soil

Mousseline de coquilles St Jacques bisque crevette // Scallop & flathead mousseline with a prawn and verjuice bisque
Pumpkin sourdough & baguette with handchurned butter

Poitrine de porc en feuille de brick // Pork Belly in Brik pastry served with olive & fig tapenade

Ragoût de légumes d’été à la vanille Beurre Blanc // a warm vegetable salad with a vanilla & thyme butter sauce

Sablés de poivre noir, pistache et pâte de poire // vintage cheddar served with Celeriac Remoulade, Pepper Shortbread, pistachio butter and Pear paste

Mousse au chocolat avec de la gelée d’orange // Chocolate Mousse, Orange Jelly, sable crumb & warm caramel chocolate sauce with Madelines.

EVENT // Bastille Day – Modern French secret supper

We’re celebrating Bastille Day with a Modern French dinner party.

Bastille Day, or formally La Fête nationale, commemorates the beginning of the French Revolution with the Storming of the Bastille on 14 July 1789, as well as the Fête de la Fédération which celebrated the unity of the French people on 14 July 1790.

Your evening will begin with a complementary cocktail and the chance to nibble on a platter of crudités, fromage & charcuterie. Once you’re done mingling with your fellow guests we’ll sit down to a multi-course meal.

Date: 6pm, Saturday 18th July 2015
Location: South Gold Coast. Exact location only disclosed after payment, usually a few days before the event.
$55 donation, all inclusive. BYO welcome.

Book & Prepay: Please RSVP using the form below and we will send you the PayPal link. Your booking is finalised after payment is received.