Brunch of Flowers Menu


Savoury Treats
potato rostis with smoked salmon & marigold petals
zucchini & basil flower muffins
ricotta & lemon myrtle stuffed pumpkin flowers
eggs florentine with nasturtiums

Sweet Treats
wild hibiscus (rosella) pinwheel danishes
elderflower & apricot spandau danishes
profiteroles filled with lavender crème pâtissière
rose petal, peach, strawberry & poached black plums with a rosewater syrup
fresh figs with honey yoghurt & alyssum flowers
orange blossom & citrus victoria sponge

elderflower champagne
jasmine blossom & orange iced tea
chamomile flower & honey iced tea
arctic fire tea (mint & cornflower)

Can you eat Pumpkin Flowers?

I have been looking for Zucchini flowers on the Gold Coast with no luck. Ange called it how it is, “you know they’re like hen’s teeth on the Goldie”. All of a sudden I thought to myself “pumpkins and zucchinis are similar!”. Instantly, I announced myself a genius and asked the all-mighty google the important question; “Can you eat Pumpkin Flowers?”. Up popped a wonderful blog post (here is the link) by RosieG from Gold Coast Garden Diary, another Gold Coast local, with all the answers I needed  and even a delicious sounding recipe to go along with it. 
The reason this is all so exciting is that our next event is a floral brunch, where everything both sweet and savoury will have flowers in it. In the past months, I planted (and killed) a flowering dill and lavender plant, and managed to keep alive some nasturtiums that have just began to show of their glorious and delicious flowers. I also threw a rotting pumpkin into my garden and now i have a happy pumpkin vine growing. Although someone keeps eating the flowers as soon as they open (haven’t worked out the creature yet). Now with this this news, I can pick them myself and WE can eat them! 
Picture by RosieG from the blog Gold Coast Garden Diary.

A Brunch of Flowers

Edible flowers are often overlooked as ingredients in the modern kitchen. In times gone by, these little beauties were embraced and we think it’s time for a floral revival!Upon arrival you will receive a glass of champagne. A full brunch spread of sweet and savoury will adorn the table, hot dishes will be served through out the meal. Tea will be plentiful and the meal will end with sponge cake and coffee. Don’t fret, there is no need to rush off until you’re ready!
We would love to have you there and we really do need your help to spread the word. x

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