Past Fun



Chinese Sunday Supper // March
Mexican Sunday Supper // February
Hawaiian Sunday Supper // January
Kween Natalie turns 30 (private event)


Christmas Lunch (private event)
Baby Saige Baby Shower (private event)
Quill Wedding (private event)

Christmas Cocktail Party (private event)
Brunswick Hen’s Afternoon (private event)
HELLO SPRING! [a crafty sunday supper] at The Craft Parlour
Brydie’s Baby Party (a private event)
Jack & Cassie’s Wedding (a private event)
Minnie’s Favourite Things secret supper (a private event)
Pancake Breakfast
Tahne’s Japanese Hens Dinner (a private event)
Greek on the Creek secret supper
Lucy’s Latin Hens Dinner (a private event)
Easter Saturday lunch
Megg’s High Tea Hens (a private event)
Gokotta – Dawn Breakfast

Nasi Campur, Indonesian Street Food lunch
Christmas Party (private event)
LMTDspace Gallery opening
Sunday Roast
Persian secret supper
Brunch in Wonderland
Modern French secret supper
Pie Party
Deep South secret supper
Izakaya, Japanese secret supper
Paleo Picnic
Breakfast for Dinner secret supper

Boozy Brunch
Lisa’s 50th Birthday picnic (Private Event)
Burgers, Boards & Brews
Spring Fling secret supper
Colonial Australian secret supper
Indian Masala secret supper
Christmas in July picnic
New England Clam Bake
Peace Crane Picnic
New York Brunch
Rustic Italian secret supper
March Picnic
Summer High Tea

A Little Goldtoast Picnic
Our Favourite Things
Burgers, Beers & Bingo
Mexican Cantina
My Giddy Valentine
Lamb Roast dinner (Private Event)
A Parisian Brunch

It’s Dude Food
Feast Drink Feast (Private event)
A Brunch of Flowers
Food is Love
Picnic in the Park
A Woodlands Welcome
Fingerfood Feast (private event)

A Ladies Brunch
Movember Picnic
Afternoon Tea (Private event)