What to Bring:

SNACKS/SAMPLES: bring something you made for everyone to snack on. Not required, but it makes the evening tastier (and maybe helps to move your swap item, yeah for taster samples)! Please be sure to bring whatever you need to serve your snackage. We have cups, plates, napkins and forks, but you’ll need to bring serving platters, knives, ladles, etc. SWAP ITEMS, and a basket or box to carry home your loot
Pre-print your SWAP SHEETS (and fill out the top portion in advance) if you’d like, not required! We always have blank sheets at the swap, too. How the Swap Works:


A ticket is required – click here to register. A small charge covers our costs of printing and plates, forks, etc.

Our food swap is a place where you can trade an item you made for another item that someone else made. Items are swapped 1-for-1.
For example: You have a loaf of bread to swap.
You’ll wrap it up and be prepared to take home in trade for that loaf, a jar of some home-preserved goodness, a half-dozen backyard eggs, a bag of homemade crackers or cookies, or whatever you see on the table that looks good to you.

You can bring as many items (the same or all different, whatever) to trade as you’d like. We usually bring 5-10 items each, but some folks make big batches of things and end up with 20 or more individual items. The more you bring, the more you take home in the end. All items should be packaged with the principle in mind that all packaged items are equal (i.e. don’t expect to take home two items for your one). Items must be edible and homemade/homeforaged/homegrown (please no repackaging of bulk items without doing anything to them!)

The official swap and trade interactions will start right at 7pm, so don’t show up after then with hopes to swap.
We look forward to seeing you again and swapping goods!

For more info about food swaps, visit www.foodswapnetwork.com

Location information:

As this is a private home, the address will be sent after you purchase a ticket. Please park along the street and be courteous to the neighbors.

Swap ticket fees allow us to pay for swap incidentals like printing and environmentally friendly disposables (plates, cups, cutlery).