In December 2015, we’re hosting our inaugural Goldtoast Food Swap! RSVP to the event. Bring homemade food items to trade –

a food swap is a place where you can trade an item you made for another item that someone else made. It’s  a delicious way to diversify the homemade foods in your own pantry while getting to know members of your local food community.




What to Bring: SNACKS/SAMPLES: bring something you made for everyone to snack on. Not required, but it makes the evening tastier (and maybe helps to move your swap item, yeah for taster samples)! Please be sure to bring whatever you need to serve your snackage. We have cups, plates, napkins and forks, but you’ll need … Continue reading yo

FAQ for Attendees

How does the actual swap work? I’m still a little unclear how the whole “bid” process works. A “bid” is only a place to start when deciding who wants your stuff and who you might talk to first. As for the actual swapping, swappers will ideally have a look at their item’s sheet (which tells … Continue reading FAQ for Attendees