MENU // The wedding of Jack + Cass

Camembert, Triple Cream Brie, Blue, Goat’s Cheese balls, Almond baked fetta, Dill infused almond fetta, Cashew Cheese plus an array of vegan delights including roast carrot dip, handmade falafel,  turmeric pickled onion, pink pickled onion, cornichons,  walnut & lentil pate, garlicky oyster mushrooms, smokey “bacon” mushrooms,  figs, thyme roasted grapes, heirloom tomatoes, olives, falafel, baked apple, peppered pear, dark chocolate, nuts & fresh fruit.

Buckwheat Blini  with beetroot cashew cream & garlicky-truffled mushrooms (gf & v)
Onion Bhaji with mint raita & coconut yoghurt (gf & v)
Spicy sweet potato tempura sushi (gf & v)
Polenta with mascarpone & honeycomb (gf)
Caramelised onion, camembert & thyme tartlets
Parmesan Shortbread with ricotta & broad beans
Mini crispy taco with chipotle tofu, slaw & avocado puree (gf & v)

Watermelon Lemonade (non-alcoholic)
Orange, passionfruit & lychee punch (non-alcoholic)
Mojito (alcoholic)

MENU // Tahne’s Japanese Hens Dinner

Edamame // Steamed & salted soy beans
Renkon // Fried lotus root
Tsukune // Chicken meatballs in yakitori sauce
Gyoza // Pork & Ginger pot-sticker dumplings
Tempura makizushi // sweet potato sushi
Hiyayakko // Cold dressed tofu
Rafute // Okinawan braised Pork Belly
Sunomono // Cucumber & wakame salad
Oshizushihako // Smoked salmon, wasabi & avocado on rice
Tempura // Popcorn prawns in a lemon dressing
Gyu maki // Miso-cured beef sushi roll
Udon // Broth with noodles & vegetables
Matcha Tarts // Green tea & chocolate tarts

Christmas party at Zipang

Zipang, the new venture of Atsu formerly of Genki Cafe, is relatively new to Currumbin and just another reason Currumbin Creek Road is my favourite place! We made the sweets for the East Coast Dental Services & Denman Designs combined Christmas Party held at Zipang in December and we were lucky enough to be invited to crash the party!

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Private Parties are super fun!


It was Lisa’s 50th birthday on Sunday. She’s pretty amazing so she deserved a pretty amazing day! We had a gorgeous picnic lunch set under some of the most beautiful trees, we showered them in strands of ribbon and sat below them and had a glorious day.

Goldtoast created her invitations and a private webpage to share with her friends and they made their donation via PayPal as we do for our open events. lisas picnic goldtoast supper club gatsy gold coastlisa2

Planning the menu was mainly left in our capable hands. The birthday girl loved the idea of having a Persian Love Cake and she told us some of her favourite dishes like lemon meringue pie & rocket and pear salad they all went straight onto the menu, the rest of the menu was up to us! Check the full menu out here.

a fingerfood feast!

it was my birthday last week. as usual i cooked up a storm. this year however i seemed to have brought some extremely heavy rain along with my kitchen storm that, i must admit, i thoroughly enjoyed. i can’t remember the last time it rained on my birthday and oh boy do i love the rain.
another love of mine, menu planning! after much contemplation, i decided on just fingerfood because really, what is better than cheese for dinner?!

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