PHOTOS // Hawaiian Sunday Supper



Check out more photos of our Hawaiian Sunday Supper on facebook and the full menu here.

MENU // Hawaiian Sunday Supper


Blue Hawaiian // A true tiki classic – complimentary cocktail.
Cheese, Fruit & Nuts // A simple cheese platter with Camembert, Yarra Valley salted honey cow cheese & Somerdale wensleydale & cranberry cheese paired with macadamias, freeze dried mango, coconut chips, fresh passionfruit & seasweed rice crackers.
Hawaiian Garlic Shrimp // served with Hawaiian macaroni salad, sticky rice & caramelised pineapple served in a pineapple.
Haupia Pie
// A traditional coconut milk based Hawaiian dessert, modernised into a pie which is a Hawaiian classic.

*subject to change without notice

MENU // Hello Spring!

rhubarb & grilled strawberry sangria
complimentary cocktail

essence of tomato
tomato, verjuice, fresh herbs

polenta & honeycomb
polenta, mascarpone, honeycomb, radish, watercress

falafel & rainbow salad
handmade broad bean falafel, cauliflower purée, pickled, fresh & roasted vegetables

plate of mandarin
mandarin tart, fresh citrus, mandarin agar jelly, spiced chocolate ganache

*subject to change without notice

MENU // The wedding of Jack + Cass

Camembert, Triple Cream Brie, Blue, Goat’s Cheese balls, Almond baked fetta, Dill infused almond fetta, Cashew Cheese plus an array of vegan delights including roast carrot dip, handmade falafel,  turmeric pickled onion, pink pickled onion, cornichons,  walnut & lentil pate, garlicky oyster mushrooms, smokey “bacon” mushrooms,  figs, thyme roasted grapes, heirloom tomatoes, olives, falafel, baked apple, peppered pear, dark chocolate, nuts & fresh fruit.

Buckwheat Blini  with beetroot cashew cream & garlicky-truffled mushrooms (gf & v)
Onion Bhaji with mint raita & coconut yoghurt (gf & v)
Spicy sweet potato tempura sushi (gf & v)
Polenta with mascarpone & honeycomb (gf)
Caramelised onion, camembert & thyme tartlets
Parmesan Shortbread with ricotta & broad beans
Mini crispy taco with chipotle tofu, slaw & avocado puree (gf & v)

Watermelon Lemonade (non-alcoholic)
Orange, passionfruit & lychee punch (non-alcoholic)
Mojito (alcoholic)

MENU // Easter Saturday Lunch

Torta Pasqualina // Italian Easter Pie made with spinach, ricotta and hard boiled eggs.
Šoldra // Silesian pork sausage roll with almond pastry
// Pickled Fish served with bread & butter, popular in Cape Town South Africa for Easter.
// Cream of Chervil Soup, a German traditional Easter dish.
Devilled Eggs

Green Bean Salad

Capirotada // Mexican spiced bread & butter pudding layered with cheese.
Hot cross buns // Chocolate cherry hot cross buns.
Kourabiethes // Greek Easter biscuit, a nutty shortbread.

Carrot Mimosa
// complementary bubbly Easter bunny friendly beverage
Mocha // Chocolate Coffee, whether this will be served hot or cold will depend on the weather :)
*subject to change without notice

MENU // Gökotta

Breakfast Muffuletta // Our take on the italian picnic sandwich filled with candied bacon, poached egg, roast tomato,  Parmesan & spinach.

Salmon Croissants // Buttery handmade croissants with chive cream cheese, smoked salmon and pink pickled onion.

Fig & Fetta Tarts // A quiche-like tart with fresh fig and Danish fetta baked into shortcrust pastry.

Granola // Creamy Greek yoghurt with seed-packed granola topped off with maple blueberry and apple compote.

Danishes // Poached Peach with Rosemary Spandau (envelope) Danishes

Almond Croissants // Glazed croissants filled with creème d’amande.

Croissants // Handmade mini croissants 

Orange Iced Tea // Fresh orange and Ceylon tea with a touch of peach

Coffee // Coffee Patrol will be on site to make the coffee of your choice!

MENU // Nasi Campur

Nasi Putih // Steamed white rice
Nasi Goreng // Fried Rice with garnishes
Rendang Padang // Spiced Beef in a rich coconut sauce from Padang, Sumatra
Tahu Kecap Kudas // Fried Tofu in Sweet Soy Sauce from Kudas, West Java
Bakso Bakar // Chicken, Beef & Tapioca Meatballs, skewered & roasted
Ayam Goreng Kuning // Chicken Wings, marinated in tamarind & spices, poached in coconut water and then fried!
Bakwan Jagung // Corn Fritters
Otak Otak // Coconut Fish Cakes from Kalimantan
Taugeh Goreng // Stir-Fried Bean Sprouts
Gudeg Jogja // Yogyakarta Jackfruit Stew
Gado Gado // Mixed vegetable salad with tempeh, boiled eggs, fried shalllots and peanut sauce from Java.
Krupuk // Deep Fried fish crackers

Sambal // Hot Sauce
Sambel Matah // Raw Balinese Sambal
Ketjap Manis // Sweet Soy Sauce
Acar // Family Table Pickle from Gorontalo, Sulawesi

Lapis Legit // Spiced Layer Cake
Kue Nastar //Pineapple cookies
Gemblong // Deep Fried Sticky Rice Dumpling coated in caramel
Buah // Fresh Fruit

Bintang // Complementary Indonesian beer, it wouldn’t be right without a Bintang in hand!
Teh Manis // Sweet Jasmine Iced Tea inspired by Teh Botol
Kopi Lethok // Coffee with Coconut Milk from Ngawi, a city in East Java.

*subject to change without notice