MENU // Crepe Night


Monk’s Secret to Happiness // gin, dom Benedictine, raspberry, passionfruit, bitters, lemon juice & aguafaba.


Cheesy // Manchego cauliflower, ham off the bone, sautéed leeks and extra Manchego Sauce (100% sheep milk cheese)

Fresh // Salad of raw zucchini, baby peas, fresh herbs, lemon juice and spreadable goat’s cream cheese.

Earthy // Roast Swiss brown mushrooms, enoki and kale with a garlic cashew creme and crumbled fetta (made with goat & sheep milk).


Banoffee with a twist // Cajeta (Mexican goat milk caramel) with vanilla cashew creme and banana.

Cheesecake // Lemony Philadelphia cream cheese (lactose free version now available) with Maple Blueberries.

Not Nutella // PANA chocolate hazelnut spread

MENU // Mexican Sunday Supper


Mexican Sangria // complimentary cocktail to get the evening started.
Share Platter // Guacamole Tipico (chunky guac), Cebolla morada (pink pickled onions, Quesco Blanco (fresh white cheese made by me) & purple corn chips

Tacos de Guisado // Tacos with four different stews
Tinga de Pollo
Acelgas con Papas
Frijoles Refritos

Served with arroz (rice), tortillas, curtidos (pickled vegetables), quesco fresco (fresh cheese), salsa verde (tomatillo & jalapeno sauce), salsa cruda (tomato salsa), cebolla morada (pink pickled onion), crema & guacamole taquero (smooth guac).

Limones Rellenos // Candied lime with sweet & salty coconut filling
Fresh fruit // served with cajita (goat’s milk caramel) & cinnamon totopos

*subject to change without notice

MENU // Hawaiian Sunday Supper


Blue Hawaiian // A true tiki classic – complimentary cocktail.
Cheese, Fruit & Nuts // A simple cheese platter with Camembert, Yarra Valley salted honey cow cheese & Somerdale wensleydale & cranberry cheese paired with macadamias, freeze dried mango, coconut chips, fresh passionfruit & seasweed rice crackers.
Hawaiian Garlic Shrimp // served with Hawaiian macaroni salad, sticky rice & caramelised pineapple served in a pineapple.
Haupia Pie
// A traditional coconut milk based Hawaiian dessert, modernised into a pie which is a Hawaiian classic.

*subject to change without notice

MENU // Hello Spring!

rhubarb & grilled strawberry sangria
complimentary cocktail

essence of tomato
tomato, verjuice, fresh herbs

polenta & honeycomb
polenta, mascarpone, honeycomb, radish, watercress

falafel & rainbow salad
handmade broad bean falafel, cauliflower purée, pickled, fresh & roasted vegetables

plate of mandarin
mandarin tart, fresh citrus, mandarin agar jelly, spiced chocolate ganache

*subject to change without notice

MENU // Tahne’s Japanese Hens Dinner

Edamame // Steamed & salted soy beans
Renkon // Fried lotus root
Tsukune // Chicken meatballs in yakitori sauce
Gyoza // Pork & Ginger pot-sticker dumplings
Tempura makizushi // sweet potato sushi
Hiyayakko // Cold dressed tofu
Rafute // Okinawan braised Pork Belly
Sunomono // Cucumber & wakame salad
Oshizushihako // Smoked salmon, wasabi & avocado on rice
Tempura // Popcorn prawns in a lemon dressing
Gyu maki // Miso-cured beef sushi roll
Udon // Broth with noodles & vegetables
Matcha Tarts // Green tea & chocolate tarts

MENU // Pancake Breakfast

Blinis // topped with creme fraiche & smoked salmon
Sweet Corn Arepas with guacamole // a combination of a corn fritter & an arepa – a traditional corn pancake
Mini Okonomiyaki // Mini Japanese vegetable pancakes drizzled with kewpie Mayo & homemade yakitori sauce
Turmeric Crepes // a buckwheat crepe topped with rainbow salad & a whole egg

Silver Dollar Pancakes
Kaiserschmarrn // a torn pancake dish with buttery apple
Coconut Hotcakes // with banana & cream
Boston Cream Crepe Cake // layered crepes with pastry cream and drizzled in chocolate glaze

Maple Bacon
Lemon & Sugar
Caramel Sauce
Watermelon Jam
Rose Petal Jam
Chantilly Cream
Iced Tea

*subject to change without notice

MENU // Greek on the Creek

Greek espresso martini // Ouzo, coffee and fennel syrup

Ταραμοσαλάτα // Taramosalata
Dill crumbed anchovies
cheese & olives // Honey & Pistachio cheese, sheeps milk fetta, Greek dried black olives, Almond stuffed green olives with fresh figs, grapes, Fennel salumi, almonds and lavosh

Ρεβυθάδα // Revithada – Baked Chickpeas
Keftedes // Fried Meatballs
Πιπεριές (γεμιστές) με φέτα // Piperies yemistes me feta – Long Peppers stuffed with fetta
Αρνί // Greek Lamb with fennel salad; slow cooked with white wine, honey & yoghurt
Χωριάτικη// Salata Horiatiki – Greek Salad
Cauliflower skordalia // Cauliflower purée, fried cauliflower, sweet peas and pea tendrils
Σαγανάκι με μέλι και σουσάμι // Saganaki with honey & sesame
Μυδοπίλαφο // Midopilafo – Mussel Rice from Northern Greece
Μπάμιες // Bamies – Baked okra
Παντζαροσαλάτα // Pantzarosalata – Beetroot with yoghurt & pistachios

Fanouropita // cake of lost things with honey, yoghurt, walnuts and fresh figs.

MENU // Easter Saturday Lunch

Torta Pasqualina // Italian Easter Pie made with spinach, ricotta and hard boiled eggs.
Šoldra // Silesian pork sausage roll with almond pastry
// Pickled Fish served with bread & butter, popular in Cape Town South Africa for Easter.
// Cream of Chervil Soup, a German traditional Easter dish.
Devilled Eggs

Green Bean Salad

Capirotada // Mexican spiced bread & butter pudding layered with cheese.
Hot cross buns // Chocolate cherry hot cross buns.
Kourabiethes // Greek Easter biscuit, a nutty shortbread.

Carrot Mimosa
// complementary bubbly Easter bunny friendly beverage
Mocha // Chocolate Coffee, whether this will be served hot or cold will depend on the weather :)
*subject to change without notice

MENU // Gökotta

Breakfast Muffuletta // Our take on the italian picnic sandwich filled with candied bacon, poached egg, roast tomato,  Parmesan & spinach.

Salmon Croissants // Buttery handmade croissants with chive cream cheese, smoked salmon and pink pickled onion.

Fig & Fetta Tarts // A quiche-like tart with fresh fig and Danish fetta baked into shortcrust pastry.

Granola // Creamy Greek yoghurt with seed-packed granola topped off with maple blueberry and apple compote.

Danishes // Poached Peach with Rosemary Spandau (envelope) Danishes

Almond Croissants // Glazed croissants filled with creème d’amande.

Croissants // Handmade mini croissants 

Orange Iced Tea // Fresh orange and Ceylon tea with a touch of peach

Coffee // Coffee Patrol will be on site to make the coffee of your choice!