No Golden Syrup for ANZACS?

As the baking isles remain bare during these first few weeks of COVID isolation, I kept my eyes peeled for Golden Syrup knowing ANZAC DAY was approaching. I didn’t manage to get my hands on any, as I’m sure many are also dealing with, so I decided to try my hand at making it myself with great success!

All you need is water, sugar (I used raw) and a wedge of lemon! I used the recipe on which was very straight forward.

While experimenting, as they are already egg free, I also made Vegan ANZACS by replacing the butter with coconut oil. Tasted exactly the same.

My Congee Recipe

Congee is my favourite winter dish. I like to make a huge pot and then serve it up for dinner with different toppings over the next few nights.  After all this rain I couldn’t think of anything more comforting! It’s basically a warm hug in a bowl, nothing better that congee and a cup of tea in my opinion on a cold night.


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At our Brunch in Wonderland the savoury hit was the definitely the mushroom dish. For me it was one of dishes with the most wonderland silliness! My announcement of “It was made with Cheshire Cheese, like the Cheshire Cat haha” was followed by the quote of the day “Oh yeah, I can taste that smile”. Plus there was the joy of rarebit/rabbit, thyme/time and of course the mushrooms. All served on a teacup shaped piece of Rye toast.

You can check out the rest of the Brunch in Wonderland menu here.

And for everyone who asked about the delicious sauce with the mushrooms, here is the recipe!
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All the Paleo recipes!

We recently hosted a Paleo Picnic, in traditional Goldtoast style there was bad weather so we picnicked indoors. Would you believe this is the second time a cyclone attacked during a Goldtoast event? Not to mention the lightning storms & the many other raining days. Thanks to everyone who braved the weather to come along on the day!

We often get asked at the end of the meal for recipes, however there is usually one standout that people can imagine making at home and we often share it on our blog. This event had everyone excited for the paleo options and asking for so many of the recipes from our menu. It’s true, can’t beat a healthy hearty meal! Usually, a lot more of the recipes come out of our brains or from my handwritten recipe book but this time we trusted many paleo cooks or made paleo twists on our fave dishes so we thought we would share where most of the recipes came from. Enjoy! x

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my Tomato Soup with Cannellini Beans recipe!

After our Christmas in July picnic and I heard such great things about our yummy tomato soup that I decided to share the recipe! It’s such a simple soup and a great dinner after a busy day. I like it with some beautiful fresh crusty sour dough from the likes of the Burleigh Baker or Paddock Bakery but my little foodie friend Natalie suggests adding some brown rice to make it a hearty meal in itself. It’s also my go to winter warmer for picnics because you can pour it into a thermos and take it with you anywhere!

tomato soup with cannellini beans recipe

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My Yoghurt and Spinach Dip Recipe


At our recent Goldtoast Picnic I made my Yoghurt and Spinach Dip and it was quite the hit. Lisa wanted to take the leftover dip home, equally for the dip and because she wants my old school Tupperware! It’s yummy and fresh with a great tang from the Greek yoghurt. And there’s so much goodness in this too with the yoghurt and all the fresh spinach.  So here’s my recipe for you all to try and especially for you Lisa, Enjoy!

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