Caffeinated Gold Coast: Organics at HOME

Organics at HOME is a newbie to Palm Beach & Good Food Gold Coast’s review is right on the money. The coffee is very mild, I always get an extra shot and it’s delicious. They serve up great fresh food, you can’t go wrong. My favourite is the Eggs on Toast, which sounds like a dull choice but is full of flavour with their HOMEmade tomato sauce and a herb oil that I can only describe as magic! Avo on Toast. Continue reading

Caffeinated Gold Coast: Barefoot Barista

Barefoot Barista is a Gold Coast classic. I don’t know how long it’s been around now. Even though I remember visiting in their first week of business, it feels like it’s always been there. I’m a regular because you can’t beat a place that is consistent in both their coffee and the deliciousness of their food and sweets. Ohh their sweets, I’ve shared many a cake date at Barefoot. Today we were pretty lucky to score a free sample of some of the chocolates available next door at Story Store.

coffee at Barefoot Barista (photo by Goldtoast Supper Club) tea at Barefoot Barista (photo by Goldtoast Supper Club)


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Caffeinated Gold Coast: Department of Coffee

Department of Coffee Palm Beach Gold Coast. Photo by Goldtoast Supper ClubBeef Burger at Department of Coffee Palm Beach Gold Coast. Photo by Goldtoast Supper Club

I like Department of Coffee. The owners & staff are lovely, the coffee is reliable and the food is affordable and fast. Elements of their decor are outstanding, nothing more than the copper drinking water feature. Then there’s the drink menu, floating behind the barista on an extrodinary pully-system and the splash of colour on the table tops that continues with the block-colour coffee cups. I really do like DOC.
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Caffeinated Gold Coast: Paddock Bakery


When I heard rumours about Paddock before it opened and let me tell you I was more than excited. As was most of the Coast. My visit tally is now well into double digits and still every visit it feels like the first, the gardens are always changing, the menu always developing and the coffee always beautiful. There is something special about seeing the baby eggplants growing beneath the archway. Or smelling the fragrance of burning wood coming from the kitchen. Or being served with a smile.

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A little day trip to Mavis’s Kitchen

Photo by Kitanobo Photography. Locations at Mavis's Kitchen, Mt Warning. Wedding Cake by Goldtoast Supper Club, Gold Coast. Photo by Kitanobo Photography at Mavis's Kitchen Wedding Cake by Goldtoast Supper Club Gold Coast

One year ago today, my friends Shannon and Lizzy got married. I made their wedding cake. The ceremony was on the property at Mavis’s Kitchen with Mt Warning perfectly placed behind their stunning set-up. Weddings don’t interest me and I am not easily impressed so when I say this wedding was stunning you can just take that as truth. The reception was held in the Queenslander that is, Mavis’s Kitchen. Wedding photos by Kitanobo Photography.

When Lizzy suggested a day trip to Mavis’s Kitchen as a birthday present I was super excited to be able to explore a little more.

Goldtoast Coffee Mavis's Kitchen 64 Mt Warning Road Uki

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24 hours in SYD

As soon as I heard about the Yoko Ono exhibition, War is Over! (If You Want It), opening at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney I told myself I wasn’t going to miss this one. Well I almost did. It was the last week of the exhibition and I planned a 24 hour round trip. I got my sister on board, made a booking at Jamie’s Italian and made sure I would not miss out on getting myself a Flour & Stone Pannacotta Lamington!


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