Garden of Eden, Coolangatta

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Looking for a healthy spot for lunch Garden of Eden‘s store and cafe in Coolangatta is a nice choice. I can’t go past Gozleme on a menu but I must admit I had some serious jealousy over the nachos!

Looking forward to attending one of their Raw Food Classes sometime!

An afternoon with Mabel

So there is so many wonderful things popping up in Palm Beach but let me tell you about one of my favourites. Let me tell you about green paths & red leaves, handmade spoons & wire baskets, fancy cheese & fancy salami, beds with built in side tables & bicycles hanging on walls. Let me tell you about 1061 Gold Coast Highway.

Mabel's, Small Stall and Little Loren Pop Up. Photos by Goldtoast Supper Club. We are in the Crave Gold Coast Directory, look us up in events (12)

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Christmas party at Zipang

Zipang, the new venture of Atsu formerly of Genki Cafe, is relatively new to Currumbin and just another reason Currumbin Creek Road is my favourite place! We made the sweets for the East Coast Dental Services & Denman Designs combined Christmas Party held at Zipang in December and we were lucky enough to be invited to crash the party!

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Caffeinated Gold Coast: Blackboard Coffee

We knew we were trying our luck heading to Blackboard Coffee towards the end of the day and wanting, desperately, to get our hands on a pair of doughnuts. We were right, they were sold out. I hate being right. Then we hear they are not just of doughnuts but all sweets, you could have heard our hearts break. It’s just about to hit 3pm and we squeeze in the very last food order of the day. Happy again.

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Caffeinated Gold Coast: Commune


Back in the day before Commune I always dreamed of turning the little old butchers shop with the stunning breezeblocks into a cafe. Thank god someone did because it’s a beautiful space. I love the vibe of this place, the vines growing up the outer walls, the mix matched vintage furniture and Campos is always a winner.

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A day on Currumbin Creek Road

Now really, I think I have found my favourite place. Currumbin Creek Road. I’m loving this street for the same reasons I used to love Nobby’s so much – then the op shops went away and so did I.  Now let me run you though my perfectly wonderful day…


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Caffeinated Gold Coast: Organics at HOME

Organics at HOME is a newbie to Palm Beach & Good Food Gold Coast’s review is right on the money. The coffee is very mild, I always get an extra shot and it’s delicious. They serve up great fresh food, you can’t go wrong. My favourite is the Eggs on Toast, which sounds like a dull choice but is full of flavour with their HOMEmade tomato sauce and a herb oil that I can only describe as magic! Avo on Toast. Continue reading “Caffeinated Gold Coast: Organics at HOME”

Caffeinated Gold Coast: Barefoot Barista

Barefoot Barista is a Gold Coast classic. I don’t know how long it’s been around now. Even though I remember visiting in their first week of business, it feels like it’s always been there. I’m a regular because you can’t beat a place that is consistent in both their coffee and the deliciousness of their food and sweets. Ohh their sweets, I’ve shared many a cake date at Barefoot. Today we were pretty lucky to score a free sample of some of the chocolates available next door at Story Store.

coffee at Barefoot Barista (photo by Goldtoast Supper Club) tea at Barefoot Barista (photo by Goldtoast Supper Club)


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