Garden of Eden, Coolangatta

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Looking for a healthy spot for lunch Garden of Eden‘s store and cafe in Coolangatta is a nice choice. I can’t go past Gozleme on a menu but I must admit I had some serious jealousy over the nachos!

Looking forward to attending one of their Raw Food Classes sometime!

Caffeinated Gold Coast: Blackboard Coffee

We knew we were trying our luck heading to Blackboard Coffee towards the end of the day and wanting, desperately, to get our hands on a pair of doughnuts. We were right, they were sold out. I hate being right. Then we hear they are not just of doughnuts but all sweets, you could have heard our hearts break. It’s just about to hit 3pm and we squeeze in the very last food order of the day. Happy again.

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Cenzo, Murwillumbah

Cenzo Cafe Murwillumbah. Photo by Goldtoast Supper ClubCampos Coffee at Cenzo Cafe Murwillumbah. Photo by Goldtoast Supper Club

While in Murwillumbah, and as hungry as a pack of wolves, we ran around trying to find the “perfect” place for lunch. The hunger had made us crazy and nothing, including a few eateries that looked absolutely delicious, was the right place for us this day. We grumpily “settled” with Cenzo, the hangry has had us completely miss the stunning decor. As the food settled in our stomached and the coffee invigorated us we started noticing the gorgeous vintage sugar bowls and enamel water jugs. We noticed the wonderfully colourful women who had served us and I instantly grew jealous of her style.  We noticed puppies with old men walking by. We noticed that life most definitely is better when you’re not a hangry monster.

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