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Say ALOHA to our Sunday Supper Series!

This is the first evening of this series of dinners and we’re heading to Hawaii! This event will start with cheese & nuts along with a complementary cocktail to celebrate the New Year at Goldtoast. This will be followed by a popular Hawaiian street food dish with sides & a classic Hawaiian dessert. Our events are not only meals, but social events and an experience to remember. We’re looking forward to having you along!

Date: 6:00pm, Sunday 28th January 2018
Location: Kirra, location revealed on the day of the event. 
$40 donation, all inclusive. BYO welcome.

Dietary Requirements: We happily accommodate dietary requirements when we can, please just check with us before paying :)



You can book & prepay your seat using the PayPal button below.
Please read our Terms & Conditions and if there are any dietary requirements please discuss this with us before booking.
YAY, excited to have you along!

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Hello Friends!


It’s been a while between suppers & I have honestly missed you terribly! What I love most is feeding people, even though I have been working with food & feeding many it hasn’t had the fun, adventure & special moments that Goldtoast has always provided!

So this year WE ARE BACK! Starting off the New Year with a series of casual family style dinners with THE SUNDAY SUPPER SERIES. Each Sunday Supper will be based on an international cuisine, a few I have visited before & have had interest in revisiting as well as a few newbies that Goldtoast have been yet to explore.

All I can hope for is you have missed us as well and will jump on the opportunity to join me for dinner once again!

Please let me know if you’re interested – INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK or EMAIL.

Thanks & hope to see you soon,

bree denman

MENU // Hello Spring!

rhubarb & grilled strawberry sangria
complimentary cocktail

essence of tomato
tomato, verjuice, fresh herbs

polenta & honeycomb
polenta, mascarpone, honeycomb, radish, watercress

falafel & rainbow salad
handmade broad bean falafel, cauliflower purée, pickled, fresh & roasted vegetables

plate of mandarin
mandarin tart, fresh citrus, mandarin agar jelly, spiced chocolate ganache

*subject to change without notice

EVENT // HELLO SPRING! [a crafty sunday supper]

Join us for a four course communal dinner in The Craft Parlour garden as we celebrate the arrival of spring! This event of food & craft draws inspiration from fresh spring blooms, warmer days and the vibrancy of this season’s produce. This homemade vegetarian meal will begin with a complementary cocktail followed by some delightful paper gardening then we will we gather around the table to delight in good food and in good company.
Date: 4:00pm, Sunday 18th September 2016
Location: The Craft Parlour, Palm Beach. 
$65 donation, all inclusive. BYO welcome.

Dietary Requirements: We are happy to accomodate a vegan or gluten free diet, just let us know when booking. Any other requirements please just ask before paying :) Continue reading

MENU // The wedding of Jack + Cass

Camembert, Triple Cream Brie, Blue, Goat’s Cheese balls, Almond baked fetta, Dill infused almond fetta, Cashew Cheese plus an array of vegan delights including roast carrot dip, handmade falafel,  turmeric pickled onion, pink pickled onion, cornichons,  walnut & lentil pate, garlicky oyster mushrooms, smokey “bacon” mushrooms,  figs, thyme roasted grapes, heirloom tomatoes, olives, falafel, baked apple, peppered pear, dark chocolate, nuts & fresh fruit.

Buckwheat Blini  with beetroot cashew cream & garlicky-truffled mushrooms (gf & v)
Onion Bhaji with mint raita & coconut yoghurt (gf & v)
Spicy sweet potato tempura sushi (gf & v)
Polenta with mascarpone & honeycomb (gf)
Caramelised onion, camembert & thyme tartlets
Parmesan Shortbread with ricotta & broad beans
Mini crispy taco with chipotle tofu, slaw & avocado puree (gf & v)

Watermelon Lemonade (non-alcoholic)
Orange, passionfruit & lychee punch (non-alcoholic)
Mojito (alcoholic)

MENU // Tahne’s Japanese Hens Dinner

Edamame // Steamed & salted soy beans
Renkon // Fried lotus root
Tsukune // Chicken meatballs in yakitori sauce
Gyoza // Pork & Ginger pot-sticker dumplings
Tempura makizushi // sweet potato sushi
Hiyayakko // Cold dressed tofu
Rafute // Okinawan braised Pork Belly
Sunomono // Cucumber & wakame salad
Oshizushihako // Smoked salmon, wasabi & avocado on rice
Tempura // Popcorn prawns in a lemon dressing
Gyu maki // Miso-cured beef sushi roll
Udon // Broth with noodles & vegetables
Matcha Tarts // Green tea & chocolate tarts