Goldtoast Supper Club

SNEAK PEEK: Goldtoast Zine – Issue One

Goldtoast Zine:  Issue One The Beginning of a Tale Available from 28th January 2012 Buy a copy for only $5 with free postage worldwide!  Christopher McKenzie Rachael Michelle Elvissy CONTRIBUTORS Goldtoast Supper Club: Elvissy: Rachael Michelle: Christopher McKenzie (aka MAD): Natalie Maurer: Avalon D’Arcy: Daniela Sunde-Brown: Elle Lord: Bree Denman:  Jessica Mae Cale: Ruby May Dennis:

WOODLAND MENU Complementary Cocktail rosemary and lemon champagne cocktail Cheese Board coffee-honey-cheese baked camenbert goat's milk brie & candied peppered fruits Entree roast pumpkin soup with sauteed wild mushrooms Main slow cooked lamb shanks & cloud potatoes in a red wine jus roasted salad Dessert chocolate tart with lavender cream & figs tea and coffee
The term “Supper club” is enjoying a revival with slightly different meaning - generally a small underground club (often with roving premises which are only revealed to the guests when they buy a ticket), where guests eat from a restricted or set menu and are expected to fraternise with other guests who they may not know.
who is free thursday lunch time? thinking of gathering up some of the best people to have a picnic :) bring along who ever you like. as long as they're awesome. we're going to make some lemonade (cause we have always wanted to) and a couple of quiches and plenty of cupcakes. bring along something tasty if you can. we'll bring our dear friend red boom box and he will bring some good music to share.