Early mornings. Wieners. Puppy play dates.

My friend and I finally made it to Wiener Haus and had a vegetarian feast. Iced Coffees from next door at Nook, Ronald’s (with the vegetarian sausage) all round plus Guac-Tots & Cheesy Fries.

Lunch boxes, well breakfast boxes, have been on my mind this week. Trying to find something reusable but not plastic so I can eat my 5am breakfast by the beach and prepare them in advanced. I love these snack packs.

I made this recipe of Chocolate Almond Butter Overnight Oatmeal. I wasn’t a fan of the mashed banana but I will alter & try again.

Ahh I love this.

How good is the seafood pizza from Justin Lane?

I’ve heard eating yee sang (prosperity toss salad) is the best thing about Chinese New Year.

Have a great week!


EVENT // Chinese Sunday Supper

Chinese Sunday supper

With all the excitement of the Chinese New Year, I was intrigued to look deeper into the cuisine from the provinces of China. Although there is an obvious lack of cheese (huge cheese lover here), I found an abundance of rich sauces, fresh greens & braised meats.

Joining us at this Sunday Supper will encourage mingling over a complementary cocktail & share platter then a banquet of Chinese delights & a classic dessert.

Date: 6:00pm, Sunday 18th March 2018
Location: Palm Beach, location revealed on the day of the event. 
$40 donation, all inclusive. BYO welcome.

Dietary Requirements: We happily accommodate dietary requirements when we can, please just check with us before paying :)


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MENU // Mexican Sunday Supper


Mexican Sangria // complimentary cocktail to get the evening started.
Share Platter // Guacamole Tipico (chunky guac), Cebolla morada (pink pickled onions, Quesco Blanco (fresh white cheese made by me) & purple corn chips

Tacos de Guisado // Tacos with four different stews
Tinga de Pollo
Acelgas con Papas
Frijoles Refritos

Served with arroz (rice), tortillas, curtidos (pickled vegetables), quesco fresco (fresh cheese), salsa verde (tomatillo & jalapeno sauce), salsa cruda (tomato salsa), cebolla morada (pink pickled onion), crema & guacamole taquero (smooth guac).

Limones Rellenos // Candied lime with sweet & salty coconut filling
Fresh fruit // served with cajita (goat’s milk caramel) & cinnamon totopos

*subject to change without notice


Mexico 1

HOLA, let’s eat some delicious food.

This is the second evening in our Sunday Supper Series and who does’t love Mexican food!?

Let’s mingle over a share platter of guacamole & homemade queso blanco with complementary cocktail in hand. I’d be disappointed in myself if we didn’t feast on taco’s so there will, of course, be taco’s and we’ll follow that up with very interesting dessert that I hear was Frida Kahlo’s favourite.

Our events are not only meals, but social events and an experience to remember. We’re looking forward to having you along!

Date: 6:00pm, Sunday 18th February 2018
Location: Palm Beach, location revealed on the day of the event. 
$40 donation, all inclusive. BYO welcome.

Dietary Requirements: This meal can be VEGETARIAN, VEGAN, GLUTEN FREE & DAIRY FREE – just mention when booking. Any other dietary requirements, please just check with us before paying :)


You can book & prepay your seat using the PayPal button below.
Please read our Terms & Conditions and if there are any dietary requirements please discuss this with us before booking.

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MENU // Hawaiian Sunday Supper


Blue Hawaiian // A true tiki classic – complimentary cocktail.
Cheese, Fruit & Nuts // A simple cheese platter with Camembert, Yarra Valley salted honey cow cheese & Somerdale wensleydale & cranberry cheese paired with macadamias, freeze dried mango, coconut chips, fresh passionfruit & seasweed rice crackers.
Hawaiian Garlic Shrimp // served with Hawaiian macaroni salad, sticky rice & caramelised pineapple served in a pineapple.
Haupia Pie
// A traditional coconut milk based Hawaiian dessert, modernised into a pie which is a Hawaiian classic.

*subject to change without notice