Tambourine Cooking School

Last week I got to spend a lady-filled day at Tamborine Cooking School. Divine company and casual no fuss cookery. Who knew a quail eggs were so hard to peel?
Here’s what we threw togther…

Until next time, xx

Introducing Chloe’s Kitchen

Chloe half way through a scone at Versace on the Gold Coast

We are glad to re-introduce Chloe. Chloe was originally one of the the duo who created Goldtoast Supper Club, but unfortunately had to move away to the Hunter Valley with her husband. She’s going to pop her head in here and there to share with us new and tried and true recipes, as well as give us a few tips on the best places to eat, drink and visit while she stumbles up and down the east coast of Australia. Keep your eyes peeled for snip-its from Chloe’s Kitchen.


Review: Aura Broadbeach

A few weeks ago, Bree was lucky enough to win tapas for 50 of her friends at Aura Broadbeach through the wonderful Crave Gold Coast. Upon receipt of her winning invitation, she was also presented with a tantalizing tasting menu of the nibbles including Honey Prawns, Kakuni Pork Belly & Panko Brie Cheese, all she had to do was pick a date. 

The date was set for last Thursday, 27th December at 7.30pm and although she couldn’t get 50 people to agree to come due the holiday season, she did have a fantastic group of 25 excited foodie friends and family champing at the bit to sample some of Aura’s promised delectable delights and all they had to pay for was the drinks!! 

Unfortunately, it soon came to light that Aura was a lot better in theory than practice. The venue it’s self is very modern and visually appealing, funky decor and live music. Upon arrival, it became evident that they had expected the guests to crowd around four tables, with eight chairs. Their cocktail menu, while delicious left a lot to be desired, they include a Cuba Libre (rum and coke) on their $17 cocktail list. Instead of taking advantage of the 25 eager foodies sitting waiting to sample food to brag to their friends about, Aura had chosen to serve all of their paying guests first, this unfortunately meant well dressed waiters and plates whirling through the group crowded close up against the bar and kitchen. At approximately 8.45 pm, the first course of burned garlic bread was served, enough for one piece each, this was quickly brushed off as a false start and the party continued waiting patiently. Seeing the spectacular display of tapas being taken to other Aura’s patrons made it all the more insulting when Bree’s party was presented with a platter of deep fried frozen “entertainment pack” style party food, complete with money bags and samosas, food that doesn’t even feature on their menu at 9.15 pm. This course was followed by a bowl of wedges with sour cream and sweet chili sauce from the sides menu, this time not even enough for one each. 

A discussion with the head waiter revealed that he was unaware of the original menu promised to Bree, but assured her the promised food was going to make an appearance. 
The next course received was another “entertainment pack” selection. Followed by a batch of approximately 15 chicken skewers and the same of a very small and watery pork San Chow Bow. This was the last course received. 

After having words with the owner of Aura, all that he was prepared to offer as consolation was a dinner for two. Of the 50 people, that were promised dinner, all he could actually offer was food for two. It couldn’t have happened to a worse group of people, twenty-five foodies sitting in a new tapas bar, waiting to sample the fine selection of food. Twenty-five people who would without a doubt visit again with other friends, who would in turn bring more guests and recommend to all who would listen. An overall disappointing experience for what could have been a promotional success for both Aura and Bree’s guests.



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Line up for your autographs…

We are now officially famous… according to the tourists on the beach anyway.

Today we had our first interview and photo-shoot with The Gold Coast Bulletin! Without much notice, we set up a dining table on the beach in gale-force winds. We must have looked such a spectacle!
As we created our dining space, a man walking his dog stopped to ask if we were shooting a T.V commercial. We must be pretty hot. Followed by a European lady taking our photo and plenty of other curious glances.

After the photo-shoot, while we were being interviewed we dug into the Beetroot Tarte Tatin and Daquioise & Watermelon Layer-Cake. It must have been a combination of the sunset and the rosewater cream but it was actually quite a calming experience after our stressful day.