I love the rain. I love tacos. I love dogs. I love Eggs Benedict. It was a good week at my house.

I love the rain. I love tacos. I love dogs. I love Eggs Benedict. It was a good week at my house.



MENU // Gökotta

Breakfast Muffuletta // Our take on the italian picnic sandwich filled with candied bacon, poached egg, roast tomato,  Parmesan & spinach.

Salmon Croissants // Buttery handmade croissants with chive cream cheese, smoked salmon and pink pickled onion.

Fig & Fetta Tarts // A quiche-like tart with fresh fig and Danish fetta baked into shortcrust pastry.

Granola // Creamy Greek yoghurt with seed-packed granola topped off with maple blueberry and apple compote.

Danishes // Poached Peach with Rosemary Spandau (envelope) Danishes

Almond Croissants // Glazed croissants filled with creème d’amande.

Croissants // Handmade mini croissants 

Orange Iced Tea // Fresh orange and Ceylon tea with a touch of peach

Coffee // Coffee Patrol will be on site to make the coffee of your choice!

farewell 2015, welcome 2016!

This year we hosted eleven fantastic events and are looking forward to 2016!
We’d love to have you along to an event, all you need to do is to join our mailing list to get all the invites!

So we’ll see you in the new year!

NOVEMBER // Nasi Campur, Indonesian Street Food lunch



OCTOBER // Sunday Roast



SEPTEMBER // Persian secret supper



AUGUST // Brunch in Wonderland



JULY // Modern French secret supper



JUNE // Pie Party



MAY // Deep South secret supper



APRIL // Mexi-Brunch



MARCH // Izakaya, Japanese secret supper



FEBRUARY // Paleo Picnic



JANUARY // Breakfast for Dinner secret supper



Tully McKeen

Yesterday I said goodbye to someone hugely important to my life. We threw some pretty tasty parties together, many of which shaped my  future cooking adventures. Here’s a little about Tully & Bree in the kitchen…

The first truly difficult dessert I ever attempted was with her. We literally spent 8-hours on a Triple Chocolate & Hazelnut Praline Tart and got so impatient that we undercooked the pastry! This is a tart that I can now make with my eyes closed and actually made it for Christmas last year not only for myself but for a few happy customers & their Chrissy feasts. 

It’s impossible to forget her infamous sloppy joes or that coleslaw fight in the kitchen, her insatious doughnut cravings while pregnant, the seafood feasts at Omeros Brothers and that poached pear or the hilarious moment of Z’s first lick of a lemon. 

The first time I ever attempted to make French macarons, well before they became a world-wide trend, was for her baby shower. We put together a party bag that was based on the five senses. There was a pink macaron, a fresh flower, a photo of Tully & each guest, a mixtape of female musicians and a handmade felt heart cushion; all put together in a handmade noodlebox screen-printed with baby tootsies!

We made and sold cupcakes at a cool kids fun day at Kirra Hill Community Center and dreamed of selling sweets under the name Sugar for my Honey. I still dream of using that name for something!

We put together a summer themed birthday feast that had a definite influence on Goldtoast. Salmon & Pea tarts, Rostis with smoked salmon, New York Cheesecake with Raspberries, Triple Topped foccacia and assorted Fruity Bellinis were all on the menu and still things I make today! This was also the day I learnt the importance of battery operated tealight candles, after we set many paper bags on fire!

While I was working as With A Cherry On Top, her little girl turned three. And oh man did we throw a mean fairy birthday party. When asked what  flavour cake she wanted, little monster replied “PINK”! There were marshmallow mushrooms, fairy wands, bunny cookies, lollipop flowers pots and a little house in the woods that was in fact flavoured pink.

When I thought blue cheese was the worst thing in the world she forced me to eat it. “Eat around the mould, you’ll get used to it”. She was right, now I love it and whenever that distinct smell of rotten dirty socks comes my way I’ll think of you Tully. xoxo

EVENT // Sunday Roast

Sunday Roast - October 2015 (1)


Hi Everyone!

When I realised this was to be Goldtoast’s 30th official event I thought it would be nice to do something special for everyone who has supported us over the years. So we’re putting on a Sunday Roast just for our past and regular secret supper attendees! If you’ve only come along once, or come along as often as you can manage I hope you know how much I appreciate you.

The evening will, as always, start with a complementary cocktail followed by a little mingling time over some baked brie & tasty dips. I’m planning on doing a four-hour slow-roasted shoulder of lamb, roast chicken thighs with sage orange and juniper berries (probably some tofu too) plus some glorious veg. We’ll end with Pannacotta with Rhubarb & Strawberries and some delicious Tea Potion tea – Persian Passion, Queens Potion and Green tea with Apricot & Peach from our last events.

I am very much looking forward to being able to sit down and enjoy a meal with you all!

Date: 5pm, Sunday 18th October 2015
Location: Palm Beach. Exact location only disclosed after payment, usually a few days before the event.
Cost: $30 donation, all inclusive. BYO welcome.

Can’t eat something?: If you have any other food intolerance/allergy please email us before paying to check if we can accommodate your needs, some menus aren’t very flexible but we always try and make it possible for you to attend!

Book & Prepay: This event is exclusively for past supper club attendees. If you have been along to any of our events and would like to come along to our Sunday Roast then please email us at to RSVP and we will reply with the paypal link. 
Your booking is finalised after payment is received. By purchasing a ticket you indicate that you have read, understood and accepted our terms & conditions.