Early mornings. Wieners. Puppy play dates.

My friend and I finally made it to Wiener Haus and had a vegetarian feast. Iced Coffees from next door at Nook, Ronald’s (with the vegetarian sausage) all round plus Guac-Tots & Cheesy Fries.

Lunch boxes, well breakfast boxes, have been on my mind this week. Trying to find something reusable but not plastic so I can eat my 5am breakfast by the beach and prepare them in advanced. I love these snack packs.

I made this recipe of Chocolate Almond Butter Overnight Oatmeal. I wasn’t a fan of the mashed banana but I will alter & try again.

Ahh I love this.

How good is the seafood pizza from Justin Lane?

I’ve heard eating yee sang (prosperity toss salad) is the best thing about Chinese New Year.

Have a great week!



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