I love the rain. I love tacos. I love dogs. I love Eggs Benedict. It was a good week at my house.


Our Sunday Supper Series has been a lot of fun so far. After last weeks Mexican Sunday Supper I shared out the leftovers with some friends & had a few mini mexi feasts of my own. Including three early mornings, I’ve watched the sunrise and ate leftover acelgas con papas & a boiled egg .

The March Sunday Supper invite went out today to the mailing list and will go out everywhere else very soon along with menu sneak peaks.

I’ve enjoyed reading about eating cheese in China & about Rushan. Rushan is a cow milk cheese of Yunnan, China and is eaten on a stick, rolled or folded like a fan, and served with sweet condiments like condensed milk. I wonder if I can make this?

My love of a good benny is still flourishing, Neighbourhood Espresso impressing this week. You honestly can’t beat a housemade Hollandaise.

I started a new job this week as a cook. I’m enjoying learning new techniques and after working in a burger van I am looking forward to being surrounded by healthy foods.

Here’s a video of dog having a swim that will surely help you to start another great week!





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