EVENT // Chinese Sunday Supper

Chinese Sunday supper

With all the excitement of the Chinese New Year, I was intrigued to look deeper into the cuisine from the provinces of China. Although there is an obvious lack of cheese (huge cheese lover here), I found an abundance of rich sauces, fresh greens & braised meats.

Joining us at this Sunday Supper will encourage mingling over a complementary cocktail & share platter then a banquet of Chinese delights & a classic dessert.

Date: 6:00pm, Sunday 18th March 2018
Location: Palm Beach, location revealed on the day of the event. 
$40 donation, all inclusive. BYO welcome.

Dietary Requirements: We happily accommodate dietary requirements when we can, please just check with us before paying :)


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  1. Lisa Goyne

    Hi Bree. Long time dear one. I am thinking of coming to the Chinese banquet and would need to bring Ame, however she would not likely eat much so wondering if it is possible for her to come at a reduced price. I appreciate if that is not possible. It is great to see you back making your magic! Much love. X


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