A week of feasting in the name of St Valentine, Mexico & Bao.


Last night was the second part of our Sunday Supper Series and was a great night! It was a busy week of preperation, making salsas & pickles early in the week and preparing the stews & fresh elements on the final day.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get my hands on Tomatillos from my usual supplier to make my own salsa verde so I had to go shopping. Besides this & the tortillas everything, including the cheese, were made by me. This led me to The Kitchens at Robina and lucky Barbosa Fine Foods Deli had a fabulous Tomatillo Salsa by Gran Luchito.

While at The Kitchens, I thought it rude not to have a meal. I called on a friend for a dinner and we feasted on noodles, taro puffs, edamame & the highlight, many many Bao. Chicken Kaarage Bao & Crispy Tofu Bao, both outstanding but the crispy broccoli with the tofu is still fresh in my mind.

Valentine’s Day was a grilled vegetable & seafood feast, followed by a food coma that stopped us baking brownies.


Here is one of my favourite dog instagram’s to help your week along to a good start. Say hello to Harlow & Sage.



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