MENU // Pancake Breakfast

Blinis // topped with creme fraiche & smoked salmon
Sweet Corn Arepas with guacamole // a combination of a corn fritter & an arepa – a traditional corn pancake
Mini Okonomiyaki // Mini Japanese vegetable pancakes drizzled with kewpie Mayo & homemade yakitori sauce
Turmeric Crepes // a buckwheat crepe topped with rainbow salad & a whole egg

Silver Dollar Pancakes
Kaiserschmarrn // a torn pancake dish with buttery apple
Coconut Hotcakes // with banana & cream
Boston Cream Crepe Cake // layered crepes with pastry cream and drizzled in chocolate glaze

Maple Bacon
Lemon & Sugar
Caramel Sauce
Watermelon Jam
Rose Petal Jam
Chantilly Cream
Iced Tea

*subject to change without notice

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