MENU // Greek on the Creek

Greek espresso martini // Ouzo, coffee and fennel syrup

Ταραμοσαλάτα // Taramosalata
Dill crumbed anchovies
cheese & olives // Honey & Pistachio cheese, sheeps milk fetta, Greek dried black olives, Almond stuffed green olives with fresh figs, grapes, Fennel salumi, almonds and lavosh

Ρεβυθάδα // Revithada – Baked Chickpeas
Keftedes // Fried Meatballs
Πιπεριές (γεμιστές) με φέτα // Piperies yemistes me feta – Long Peppers stuffed with fetta
Αρνί // Greek Lamb with fennel salad; slow cooked with white wine, honey & yoghurt
Χωριάτικη// Salata Horiatiki – Greek Salad
Cauliflower skordalia // Cauliflower purée, fried cauliflower, sweet peas and pea tendrils
Σαγανάκι με μέλι και σουσάμι // Saganaki with honey & sesame
Μυδοπίλαφο // Midopilafo – Mussel Rice from Northern Greece
Μπάμιες // Bamies – Baked okra
Παντζαροσαλάτα // Pantzarosalata – Beetroot with yoghurt & pistachios

Fanouropita // cake of lost things with honey, yoghurt, walnuts and fresh figs.

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