MENU // Easter Saturday Lunch

Torta Pasqualina // Italian Easter Pie made with spinach, ricotta and hard boiled eggs.
Šoldra // Silesian pork sausage roll with almond pastry
// Pickled Fish served with bread & butter, popular in Cape Town South Africa for Easter.
// Cream of Chervil Soup, a German traditional Easter dish.
Devilled Eggs

Green Bean Salad

Capirotada // Mexican spiced bread & butter pudding layered with cheese.
Hot cross buns // Chocolate cherry hot cross buns.
Kourabiethes // Greek Easter biscuit, a nutty shortbread.

Carrot Mimosa
// complementary bubbly Easter bunny friendly beverage
Mocha // Chocolate Coffee, whether this will be served hot or cold will depend on the weather :)
*subject to change without notice


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