MENU // Nasi Campur

Nasi Putih // Steamed white rice
Nasi Goreng // Fried Rice with garnishes
Rendang Padang // Spiced Beef in a rich coconut sauce from Padang, Sumatra
Tahu Kecap Kudas // Fried Tofu in Sweet Soy Sauce from Kudas, West Java
Bakso Bakar // Chicken, Beef & Tapioca Meatballs, skewered & roasted
Ayam Goreng Kuning // Chicken Wings, marinated in tamarind & spices, poached in coconut water and then fried!
Bakwan Jagung // Corn Fritters
Otak Otak // Coconut Fish Cakes from Kalimantan
Taugeh Goreng // Stir-Fried Bean Sprouts
Gudeg Jogja // Yogyakarta Jackfruit Stew
Gado Gado // Mixed vegetable salad with tempeh, boiled eggs, fried shalllots and peanut sauce from Java.
Krupuk // Deep Fried fish crackers

Sambal // Hot Sauce
Sambel Matah // Raw Balinese Sambal
Ketjap Manis // Sweet Soy Sauce
Acar // Family Table Pickle from Gorontalo, Sulawesi

Lapis Legit // Spiced Layer Cake
Kue Nastar //Pineapple cookies
Gemblong // Deep Fried Sticky Rice Dumpling coated in caramel
Buah // Fresh Fruit

Bintang // Complementary Indonesian beer, it wouldn’t be right without a Bintang in hand!
Teh Manis // Sweet Jasmine Iced Tea inspired by Teh Botol
Kopi Lethok // Coffee with Coconut Milk from Ngawi, a city in East Java.

*subject to change without notice


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