MENU // Persian secret supper

Persian Rose // Rosewater & Pomegranate champagne cocktail

NAAN-O-PANEER (bread & cheese)
Maast O Khiar // Yoghurt, Cucumber & Mint dip with rose petals
Marinated Persian Fetta // Sheeps Fetta in olive oil with aromats
Naan Barbari // Persian Flatbread

MEZZE (shared plates)
Baghala Ghatogh // Broad Beans with Garlic, Dill & Eggs

Kuku Sabzi // Herb Frittata
Kotlet // Spiced Beef & Potato Cakes
Bademjan // Chargrilled Eggplant with Saffron Yoghurt

Khoresh-e-Fesenjan // Chicken, Walnut & Pomegranate Stew
Tagdig // “Bottom of the Pot” Golden Rice
Morassa Polow // Bejewelled Rice
Shirazi Salad // A popular fresh cucumber & tomato salad

SHIRINI-O-CHAI (sweets & tea)
Baklava // Persian version using almonds & pistachio
Sheer Berenj // Rice pudding
Pashmak // Persian hand-spun fairy floss
Persian Black Tea // Black tea with cardamom, blood orange & rose petals from Tea Potion


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