What did you get up to last week? Here is what we got up to!

Highlight of my week was Burgster coffee in the park with this lady after Lily was too hungover to hang out with me. Natalie revisited Good Day Coffee to eat their Gruyere and Smoked Ham Toastie, we shared one a while back and have been talking about it ever since. It lived up to the memory so that’s some great news.

Hopeully you celebrated International Chocolate Day (aka Mr Hershey’s bday) on the 13th and National Cheeseburger Day on the 18th. Important holidays not to miss!

I spent a lovely morning op shopping and drinking coffee with my friend Lizzy. We started at Canteen and worked our way to Dust Temple before we both had to go to work.

I decided on the theme for our October lunch, ordered an amazing cookbook on ebay, stumbled upon table decorations in an op shop and then got back to finalising this months menu!

There was a lot of reading done this week. Specifially I loved reading about Chanel Dror’s A Taste of Persian Cuisine field trip, a Kitchen Underground cooking class hosted by Mahshad Vakili.

You can still book a seat at our Persian Secret Supper. After sharing the cheese & bread and a mezze course, our Persian Secret Supper guests will enjoy Khoresh-e-Fesenjan (Chicken, Walnut & Pomegranate Stew) with Morassa Polow (Bejewelled Rice) and to freshen it all up, Shirazi Salad. Then there will be sweets & tea. Only a few spots left so book yourself in now if you haven’t already!

I hope your week slides by, just like this, enjoy yourself!



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