I thought I would start sharing some of the goings-on with me and The Goldtoast Girls. I hope you’re imagining The Golden Girls, it’s only right you do. So here’s what happened last week…

Goldtoast waitress extraordinaire, aka my sister Lily is currently being a mermaid in the waters of Hawaii. Evidence.

All-about wondergirl Natalie (& her nicer half Ryan) hosted a pot-luck brunch for their housewarming. The sun was shining, I met the neighbours dog and the coffee was spiked, all good things. I brought along a big dish of Eggs Au Gratin which I have been meaning to make ever since it was a hit at our 2013 Parisian Brunch. Sourdough toast, poached egg, bechamel sauce and cheese. I turned even the skeptics to the dark side.

These girls, and a few others, are the back-bone of Goldtoast and I would be nowhere without them. Thankfully they accept payment in cheeseburgers and cake.

I am so ridiculously excited that the Black Hops Brewing boys are building a brewery! If you were at our Colonial Australian secret supper last year  you got your lucky little hands on the first of their Gold Coast pale. Now you all you need to do is get down to one of these fab spots!

I am obsessed with finding out why a fork this small needs to exist? Closest I have come to an answer is it’s a strawberry fork (weird coincidence we were using it as just that) for when only wild strawberries were available and they were quite small.

This was a high coffee / low brain function week, I need a holiday. Instead I got coffee all around town; Feather & Docks, Barefoot, Chill in, Le Petite Pantry & Organics at Home to be exact.

aftselakhis (n., Yiddish): the desire to do something because you were told not to.

Oh and seeing as It’s spring again, everyone should probably watch The Secret Garden. That is some very good advice.

I went fruit picking. I may make weird-fruit jam.

Last but certainly not least, the announcement for the September secret supper went out!

I hope you’ve had a great weekend! And just to make sure your week gets of to a great start, here is a video of a puppy.



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