All the Paleo recipes!

We recently hosted a Paleo Picnic, in traditional Goldtoast style there was bad weather so we picnicked indoors. Would you believe this is the second time a cyclone attacked during a Goldtoast event? Not to mention the lightning storms & the many other raining days. Thanks to everyone who braved the weather to come along on the day!

We often get asked at the end of the meal for recipes, however there is usually one standout that people can imagine making at home and we often share it on our blog. This event had everyone excited for the paleo options and asking for so many of the recipes from our menu. It’s true, can’t beat a healthy hearty meal! Usually, a lot more of the recipes come out of our brains or from my handwritten recipe book but this time we trusted many paleo cooks or made paleo twists on our fave dishes so we thought we would share where most of the recipes came from. Enjoy! x

We served Against the Grain‘s Chicken Liver Pate with fresh green apple, Martha Stewart‘s Beetroot Crisps, our own Baba Ganoush recipe with The Healthy Foodie‘s sesame & rosemary crackers. Inspired by Paleo Foodies Cherry (Tomato) Bombs recipe, we filled our cherry toms with Botanical Cuisine‘s Classic Cashew Cheese (we bought it from Wray’s Organic) mixed with fresh herbs, roast tomato & truffle infused olive oil.

The idea to do Chicken Wings in Rose Harissa came from my recent cookbook purchase – Persiana: Recipes from the Middle East and Beyond (I am so excited to do a Persian Supper Club!) by Sabrina Ghayour. Her recipe was more refined (spatchcock maybe?) and less picnic friendly. I remembered seeing a Jamie O recipe for Rose Harissa so I made that, marinated and baked the chicken wings. I substituted coconut sugar and used dried rose petals (a pantry basic in my world) instead of fresh petals. We paired it with a Greens & Sunflower Seed salad, based on a Nigella Lawson recipe and we added blanched asparagus and sliced Brussels sprouts fried off in a little coconut oil.

We paired Eat Drink Paleo’s Jalapeno Bread using fresh jalapenos instead of the pickled (which would be why it was so HOT! haha) with Tasty YummiesFermented Salsa (we used mild chillis that came from my dads garden) and lime aioli. We used our usual mayo recipe with good oils (like always) plus lime juice and plenty of lime zest! The key for making aioli (garlic or any other flavour) is to make it the day before, the favours then have time to mingle and become delicious!


We also did Pete Evans’ Prawn Frittata with Avocado Salsa with extra garlicy prawns in the salsa, Porterhouse Steak cooked rare with a lathering of chimichurri and last but not least Jamie Oliver’s Moorish Crunch Salad!

Desserts were recipes from my brain and completely unrepeatable! I am doing to work on creating a recipe to share for the Strawberry & Coconut cashew Cheesecake because it was bloody delicious! I’ll get back to you on that one!



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