An afternoon with Mabel

So there is so many wonderful things popping up in Palm Beach but let me tell you about one of my favourites. Let me tell you about green paths & red leaves, handmade spoons & wire baskets, fancy cheese & fancy salami, beds with built in side tables & bicycles hanging on walls. Let me tell you about 1061 Gold Coast Highway.

Mabel's, Small Stall and Little Loren Pop Up. Photos by Goldtoast Supper Club. We are in the Crave Gold Coast Directory, look us up in events (12)

If you don’t already know about the beauty and uniqueness of Small Stall you are seriously missing out! There is always something new to admire; whether it’s the talent behind the locally made ceramics, the greenery and uniqueness of the potted plants, the divine smell of hand-poured candles or just the diverse variety of artisan products. My handbag is full of Small Stall purchases from my migoals 2015 diary to my baggu purse. Now just to fill my house!

Mabel’s is the new kid on the block, she is a collaboration between two pretty special retailers Small Stall and Found creating the perfect “mix of new and old things with a story!” Homewares & art, vintage & handmade – no doubt you’ll find that piece your home is looking for!

Now here’s the most exciting part… coffee and cheese! Little Loren, baby pop-up Italian food store with it’s mumma being Loren Cafe in Tugun. They serve up fantastic things like bagel packs for eating under the gorgeous tree or taking away for your own little picnic lunch!

I challenge you to visit the Mabel precinct and not have your heart stolen.

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