Christmas party at Zipang

Zipang, the new venture of Atsu formerly of Genki Cafe, is relatively new to Currumbin and just another reason Currumbin Creek Road is my favourite place! We made the sweets for the East Coast Dental Services & Denman Designs combined Christmas Party held at Zipang in December and we were lucky enough to be invited to crash the party!

There was so much food shared around, I don’t know if I could even recall it all! I remember Lotus Chip and Sushi to start the night. I remember sharing a bowl of Salt and Pepper Calamari. I remember there was a curry dish (maybe Chicken Katsu?) and Pork Belly going around. So much good food. Ultimate highlights of the evening were the Gyoza – divine gingery pork dumplings, the photo op of my dad and brother Ty wearing my clip on deer earrings and the Cashew & Green Bean Saute, they were outstanding and even though I was extremely full I didn’t waste a single bean.

When dessert time came around I wan’t sure if anyone had any room for another bite but everyone had a go! I made mini versions of my popular Lemon Meringue Pie and Raspberry Cream Cake with fresh raspberries and masarpone cream plus with a Japanese twist on one of my french favourites I made Matcha Eclairs! I haven’t done much with Japanese Green Tea except make Green Tea Ice Cream once upon a time but these were a hit so there will be plenty more experimenting in my future!

I’ve just checked out the regular menu on Zipang’s facebook page and I am crazy excited to go back for dinner. One of the first things I look for on a Japanese menu is Agedashi Tofu, it’s rarely an option but there it is. Very excited.

Zipang @ 10/31 Currumbin Creek Road, Currumbin.
Zipang on Urbanspoon


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