Caffeinated Gold Coast: Blackboard Coffee

We knew we were trying our luck heading to Blackboard Coffee towards the end of the day and wanting, desperately, to get our hands on a pair of doughnuts. We were right, they were sold out. I hate being right. Then we hear they are not just of doughnuts but all sweets, you could have heard our hearts break. It’s just about to hit 3pm and we squeeze in the very last food order of the day. Happy again.

After a big Goldtoast event, cooking all day and night and usually forgetting to eat all we ever want is a cheeseburger. Upgraded today to the Double Pattie Burger. Happy happy, was yum. Coffee was, obviously, amazing.

I heard great reviews from Natalie who had a Chai Latte & Sweet Potato hidden under a forest. Is that an egg? It looks so good!

Let’s go back for doughnuts please.

Blackboard Specialty Coffee on Urbanspoon


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