MENU // Indian Masala


Complementary Cocktail
Champagne Lassi

Shared Platter
Beetroot Raita – yoghurt based dip with shredded beetroot
Chana Dal dip – a spiced lentil dip
Hari Chutney
with Cumin Pappadums – coriander based dip
Vazhakkai Chips – banana fried in coconut oil

Onion Bhajis with mint & yoghurt chutney – spiced chickpea & onion fritter
Papri Chaat – pastry topped with potato, chickpea, hari chutney & tamarind chutney
Blackened Paneer- homemade paneer coated in spiced & nigella seeds the grilled to blacken served with a tomato salsa

Gosht Shorba – a unique goat curry served with rice & naan
Malai Kofta – cheese koftas in a rich sauce
Aloo Ghobi – cauliflower in yoghurt
Kesar Kulfi – an indian saffron ice cream made from evaporating milk
Gajar Halwa – carrot sweetened & slow cooked in milk


Masala Chai – traditional spiced tea made with soy milk

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