A day on Currumbin Creek Road

Now really, I think I have found my favourite place. Currumbin Creek Road. I’m loving this street for the same reasons I used to love Nobby’s so much – then the op shops went away and so did I.  Now let me run you though my perfectly wonderful day…


Stop one: Dust Temple.
Every visit you notice something that some how you missed the last time. This time I spotted this stunning wall of windows. This place has the ability to get the imagination going –  imagine having a sun room, looking out to an overgrown garden, made completely out of old windows – that is what I’m thinking about sitting here sipping my coffee. The books sitting on the table we sit at just happen to be by Roald Dahl & about Andy Warhol, probably the two people who influenced the way I think about the world the most.

914722_1453526751552395_1314355808_n 923617_244851395720409_737410129_n

 Coffee at Dust Temple (photo by Goldtoast Supper Club)  Dust Temple (photo by Goldtoast Supper Club)

 Stop Two: Hinge Gallery

Dust Temple is the home of Hinge Gallery with two spaces within the two neighbouring buildings. This is not the usual cafe art gallery, this is a real gallery with ever changing exhibitions and top quality art works from emerging artists.

Stop Three: Op Shops

There are currently two oppys on Currumbin Creek Road. One with all clothing at a bargain rate. The second one spills out the huge open doors with a mezzanine level filled with books.


Stop Four: Pop Taco

Pop Taco HQ has recently opened four days a week but already has built a pretty solid reputation with its travelling taqueria and recipes direct from Mexico City and central Mexico. Tacos & Tortas are the go today! We chose to share a Torta Milanese so that we could feast on tacos.

 Carnitas at Pop Taco (photo by Goldtoast Supper Club) Picadillo Polo at Pop Taco (photo by Goldtoast Supper Club) Torta at Pop Taco (photo by Goldtoast Supper Club) Jarritos at Pop Taco (photo by Goldtoast Supper Club)

Poptaco on Urbanspoon

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