Caffeinated Gold Coast: Organics at HOME

Organics at HOME is a newbie to Palm Beach & Good Food Gold Coast’s review is right on the money. The coffee is very mild, I always get an extra shot and it’s delicious. They serve up great fresh food, you can’t go wrong. My favourite is the Eggs on Toast, which sounds like a dull choice but is full of flavour with their HOMEmade tomato sauce and a herb oil that I can only describe as magic! Avo on Toast.

Organics at HOME is not only 100% organic, they take every step to make the food they serve the best it can be. They serve fresh homemade organic activated almond milk and cold-pressed juices. There is no refined sugars or refined flours used or any vegetable or seed oils for cooking and soak all grains before cooking for better nutrient assimilation. They only cook with, serve you and soak their grains in the best zazen filtered alkaline water. “This water filter cleanses any impurities out of the water… hydrates immediately at a cellular level, nourishes with alkaline minerals and this particular filter is energized with crystals!”

“We here at Organics at HOME care about how our food makes you feel, we went to create a space where people can come and feel as if they are ‘home’ amongst family and friends, enjoying food that nourishes, doesn’t just fill!”

HOME’s produce, largely comes from Currumbin Valley Harvest and other local farmers, they choose to support local companies and companies with integrity. The positive impact of Organics at HOME travels beyond what is good for your body to making a conscious effort to minimalise their environmental impact. Waste is managed responsibly including minimising wastage, composting and recycling and only eco-friendly cleaning products are used. Read more about it here.

Organics at HOME on Urbanspoon


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